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Star Trek: Andromeda | Text-Based Role-playing in the 25th Century


Episode 267: "Heaven's Conduit: Part I"
(29 April 2014)

While a few members of the Odyssey away team investigate restoring power to the conduit control hub on the Jovian retreat station, others delve deeper into the station and find a vast quantity of Jovians attending some sort of mass devotional ceremony...and a cargo bay full of explosives with a countdown.

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EPISODE 267: "Heaven's Conduit: Part I" (29 April 2014)

View chatlogWhile a few members of the Odyssey away team investigate restoring power to the conduit control hub on the Jovian retreat station, others delve deeper into the station and find a vast quantity of Jovians attending some sort of mass devotional ceremony...and a cargo bay full of explosives with a countdown.

EPISODE 266: "Retreat of the Righteous: Part II" (22 April 2014)

View chatlogThe Odyssey travels to coordinates provided by the FSA council, the location of a formerly Kelvan station to which many Jovians have flocked in recent weeks. They approach under stealth, accompanied by a Conglomerate cruiser, and discover that not only is the station filled to the brim with Jovians, but it matches the structure of the last conduit hub station the crew visited, another of which they have been searching for for some time.

EPISODE 265: "Retreat of the Righteous: Part I" (15 April 2014)

View chatlogThe Odyssey travels to coordinates provided by the FSA council, the location of a formerly Kelvan station to which many Jovians have flocked in recent weeks. They approach under stealth, accompanied by a Conglomerate cruiser, and discover that not only is the station filled to the brim with Jovians, but it matches the structure of the last conduit hub station the crew visited, another of which they have been searching for for some time.

EPISODE 264: "Politic Caution" (8 April 2014)

View chatlogThe Odyssey crew meets with the leaders of the FSA, who refuse to take a public stance based on the Odyssey's reports of Jovian religious extremism, but do provide the crew with the location of an enclave station to which much of the Jovian race appears to be retreating. The crew makes plans to travel to the station -- accompanied by representatives of the Conglomerate, who are drifting towards an uneasy truce with the FSA.

EPISODE 263: "Reeling" (1 April 2014)

View chatlogThe Odyssey senior staff meets to discuss a plan of action in the wake of Commander Tucker's sacrificial murder by Jovian religious extremists.

EPISODE 262: "At the Stake" (18 March 2014)

View chatlogTragedy has struck on Kafiri Station; the Odyssey crew finds the body of Commander Tucker, horribly burned in some sort of evident religious sacrifice by the Jovian enclave, and Mehial Duras, who was horribly beaten and forced to watch.

EPISODE 261: "The Eyes of the Righteous: Part III" (4 March 2014)

View chatlogWhile Engineering and Medical work on knowledge exchanges with the Traizina Zaika and Science researches Jovian influence in the starbuster weapon, a security team is sent out to look into the disappearance of Commander Tucker and Mehial Duras, both of whom have not reported back from leave on Kafiri station. Their search is only partially successful -- they find a map, evidently left for them, which leads to a room containing one life sign, an Arkusian.

EPISODE 260: "The Eyes of the Righteous: Part II" (25 February 2014)

View chatlogThe Odyssey crew continues shore leave on Kafiri Station while waiting to provide aid to the Traizina Zaika. They continue to be treated with disdain by the local enclave of Jovian religious zealots -- a fact which comes to a head when, unbeknownst to the rest of the crew, Commander Tucker and Mehial Duras are drugged and taken in by the local Jovian leader.

EPISODE 259: "The Eyes of the Righteous: Part I" (11 February 2014)

View chatlogThe Odyssey's senior officers meet with the Traizina Zaika head of Kafiri Station, Derman, who greets their offer of medical and technical assistance with pleasure. The rest of the crew, taking leave on the station, receives a somewhat chillier welcome from the local enclave of Jovian religious zealots, who are continuing to transmit messages of doom on secondary channels. Commander Tucker and the ship's Arkusian consultant, Mehial Duras, have a particularly tense confrontation with a young member of the race's order.

EPISODE 258: "Kafiri Station" (28 January 2014)

View chatlogThe Odyssey travels to Kafiri Station, where the crew hopes to trade engineering and medical support to the nomadic Traizina Zaika clan which controls it, in exchange for an opportunity to determine whether the (formerly Kelvan) station is a conduit control hub. The station's Zaika leaders are generally welcoming to the newly arrived ship; the Odyssey also picks up a transmission being sent out on a loop from a lower deck of the station in a Jovian dialect -- an apparent broadcast regarding an impending "great cleansing in fire."

EPISODE 257: "Planning Stages" (21 January 2014)

View chatlogThe crew recovers from their ordeal on Dystros and Wolfe ponders a possible next stop -- an former Kelvan station currently held by the Traizina Zaika, which Mehial Duras has suggested as a possibility in their search for another conduit control hub.

EPISODE 256: "Return of the Masters: Part II" (14 January 2014)

View chatlogSwift and Valerian manage to get to the team's shuttle and stage a rescue for their crewmates, just as they are discovered by the Kelvan scouting teams returning to the Dystros facility they have been exploring. The system's star continues to show instability indicating an imminent collapse similar to that seen at Rahock.

EPISODE 255: "Return of the Masters" (7 January 2014)

View chatlogThe Odyssey team investigating a abandoned Kelvan stronghold on Dystros is interrupted -- by several Kelvan ships returning to reclaim it. Meanwhile, crew on the Odyssey discover the system's star is showing signs of instability similar to those recorded at Rahock.


EPISODE 254: "Predatory Instinct" (17 December 2013)

View chatlogThe Odyssey team dodges some of Dystros's natural wildlife, and enjoys its inhospitable climate, while making their way to an abandoned Kelvan stronghold.

EPISODE 253: "Mainly in the Plane" (10 December 2013)

View chatlogA team from the Odyssey travels by shuttle to the surface of the storm-tossed, rain-soaked world of Dystros, one of many worlds housing former Kelvan strongholds which Duras has promised to assist the crew in retrieving information from.

EPISODE 252: "Cautious Alliance" (3 December 2013)

View chatlogLucindak oversees the beginnings of an alliance against the Kelvan between the Conglomerate and the FSA, while the rest of the Odyssey's crew provides the damaged pair of Conglomerate ships with medical and engineering support.

EPISODE 251: "Overtures: Part II" (26 November 2013)

View chatlogThe Odyssey's engineering crew works to fix engine problems on damaged Conglomerate ships while a team of chameloids travels to the Federation ship to begin initial negotiations for an alliance with the FSA.

EPISODE 250: "Overtures" (19 November 2013)

View chatlogA pair of Conglomerate ships, heavily damaged by a Kelvan attack, approach the Odyssey with a request for help and the assertion that they are, after all, interested in pursuing the Odyssey's encouragement of an FSA/Conglomerate alliance.

EPISODE 249: "Rage Against the Machine" (12 November 2013)

View chatlogThe crew manages to subdue and erase the Conglomerate AI which had taken over the Odyssey, returning things to normal just in time to realize they are being followed by two Conglomerate contacts.

EPISODE 248: "System Shock: Part III" (5 November 2013)

View chatlogThe Odyssey crew, with some help from the Arkusian Mehial Duras, fights back against a rogue AI taken from a Conglomerate station, which seeks to take them back to the crystal mines of Vankilo.

EPISODE 247: "System Shock: Part II" (29 October 2013)

View chatlogA copy of the artificial intelligence last seen at the Aeonx Corporation scrapyard takes over the Odyssey's systems and sets course for the Vankilo mines, where it means to return the crew as the Conglomerate's escaped prisoners. Believing Arkusian agent Mehial Duras to be an "Emissary" of the Aeonx Corporation, it frees him from the Odyssey's brig while locking down the rest of the crew in various locations across the ship.

EPISODE 246: "System Shock" (22 October 2013)

View chatlogThe Odyssey suffers a flurry of strange power fluctuations and system failures seeming to stem from cargo bay B. Eventually, these issues come to a head as a rogue AI from a Conglomerate facility encountered months previous awakens from a dormant state and takes over the Odyssey's systems.

EPISODE 245: "Reversals of Fortune: Part II" (15 October 2013)

View chatlogThe Odyssey crew barely manages to escape a Conglomerate station under attack by a Kelvan strike force attempting to reclaim it.

EPISODE 244: "Reversals of Fortune" (8 October 2013)

View chatlogA diplomatic team from the Odyssey continues overtures of an alliance between the Conglomerate and the FSA, and engineering/security/science continue verifying Mehial Duras's expertise by performing a covert entrance into the station where the talks are being held. Both endeavors are cut short, however, by the arrival of a squidship strike force aiming to take back the Conglomerate station for the invading Kelvan.

EPISODE 243: "Extending a Hand: Part III" (1 October 2013)

View chatlogThe Odyssey's diplomatic team makes contact with the head of a Conglomerate station in the Verge, attempting to broker a military alliance between them and the FSA, while engineering and security test the claims of usefulness made by the Arkusian free agent aboard the Odyssey, Mehial Duras.

EPISODE 242: "Extending a Hand: Part II" (24 September 2013)

View chatlogThe Odyssey prepares to send a team of diplomats to negotiate with the leader of a Conglomerate station on the edge of the Verge. Their aim is to arrange an alliance between the Conglomerate and the FSA at the request of Arkusian agent Mehial Duras. Meanwhile a team of engineering and security officers accompany Duras on a demonstration of the intel he has promised to provide if the deal goes through -- information on how to sneak aboard Conglomerate stations undetected.

EPISODE 241: "Extending a Hand" (17 September 2013)

View chatlogThe Odyssey travels in the direction of a Conglomerate base in an old Kelvan station on the edge of the Verge, with the intention of brokering a trade between the Conglomerate and the Free Species Alliance. The Arkusian agent Mehial Duras has asked them to arrange this in exchange for intelligence he can provide on infiltrating Conglomerate strongholds.

Wolfe instructs Hayes to put together a team and take advantage of their impending stop at a Conglomerate base to test whether Duras's intelligence is worth the trouble, by making a small infiltration run in a cloaked shuttle at the same time the primary diplomatic team is making its overtures.

EPISODE 240: "Guarded Welcome" (10 September 2013)

View chatlogThe Odyssey crew's suggestion that the Free Species Alliance ally itself with the Conglomerate against the Kelvan is met with initial disdain by the FSA Council. However, they do at least agree to reopen diplomatic communication and lines of credit with the Odyssey during its stay in Andromeda, given their assistance with recovery after the Kelvan attack on Salix.

Hayes speaks to Duras, the Arkusian visitor aboard the Odyssey; Duras claims he can help with efficiency upgrades to the Odyssey's stealth system, as well as infiltration into Conglomerate strongholds, if the Odyssey can broker the alliance.

EPISODE 239: "To the Capital" (3 September 2013)

View chatlogThe Odyssey travels to Aluria, the capital of the Free Species Alliance, where they hope to re-establish diplomatic relations and investigate the possibility of an FSA/Conglomerate alliance. Meanwhile, engineering meets with the Arkusian visitor, Mehial Duras, to try to glean what he can offer.

EPISODE 238: "Her Continuing Mission" (13 August 2013)

View chatlogThe Odyssey resumes course for FSA space and is approached by an Arkusian engineer who wishes to offer the crew technical assistance in again rewriting the conduit system, in exchange for the Odyssey's assistance in brokering an Alliance between the Free Species Alliance and the Conglomerate against the Kelvan.

EPISODE 237: "Safe Extraction" (6 August 2013)

View chatlogThe Odyssey docks at Saldiri Station, where the crew completes repairs and oversees the disembarkation of their guests from the Rahock system -- and ensures that the Conglomerate ship they've been traveling with does the same.

EPISODE 236: "Nova's Wake" (30 July 2013)

View chatlogThe Odyssey reluctantly offers support to the Conglomerate cruiser which arrived to save the remainder of the Rahockian colonists just prior to their sun abruptly and inexplicably going nova. The Federation ship reluctantly agrees to tow the damaged Conglomerate one as far as Saldiri station, where they will oversee the safe delivery of all the Rahock refugees.

EPISODE 235: "Under a Dying Sun: Part III" (23 July 2013)

View chatlogThe Odyssey continues its refugee retrieval efforts in the Rahock system, which is beginning to flood with radiation due to its inexplicably dying star. Security deals with rioting on the planet's surface by those not being retrieved while Medical handles those beamed aboard.

Things get tense as the Rahock star abruptly, without any warning, goes from dying to supernoval levels of energy and detonates, sending the Odyssey careening out of the system -- along with the Conglomerate cruiser they sparred with earlier, which shows up at the eleventh hour to retrieve the remaining members of the Rahockian settlements.

EPISODE 234: "Under a Dying Sun: Part II" (16 July 2013)

View chatlogThe Odyssey dispatches a team to the surface of the devastated Rahock colonies and determines that, while they can offer some members of the population transport, the total number of refugees is roughly twice what the Odyssey can accomodate. Meanwhile the system's star continues dying inexplicably and engineering/medical work on repairs to the ship and preparation for the incoming new arrivals.

EPISODE 233: "Under a Dying Sun" (9 July 2013)

View chatlogThe Conglomerate cruiser attempts to double-cross the Odyssey, opening fire after retrieving the return of its imprisoned officers, but the Odyssey is able to repel the attack and disable a boarding party. Wolfe communicates with the ship once its weapons are disabled, informing them that the Odyssey crew is aware the Conglomerate believes the Federation is deliberately responsible for the Kelvan invasion, but that it is not true. She offers the ship the chance to stand down, but it bolts, leaving behind part of its boarding party.

EPISODE 232: "The Invader's Path: Part II" (25 June 2013)

View chatlogThe Odyssey negotiates a trade with the Conglomerate cruiser threatening them-- they agree to return their chameloid prisoners in exchange for map data from the Conglomerate on the location of major Kelvan bases. The Conglomerate appear to accept the trade, transmit the map data, and receive their prisoners back -- and immediately power up their weapons in a double-cross.


EPISODE 231: "The Invader's Path" (4 June 2013)

View chatlogThe Odyssey travels to the Rahock system, site of a recent Kelvan invasion attack, where the crew's Conglomerate prisoners were hoping to travel to rejoin some of their people; Wolfe hopes to be able to trade them for useful information about Kelvan installations.

The ship arrives to find the system in an uproar from the inhabitants who have not managed to escape the system -- partly because of the recent attack and partly because the system's sun, reported to be a healthy type, is for no obvious reason in the process of violently collapsing. The Odyssey begins plans to offer aid which are interrupted by the sudden arrival of a Conglomerate cruiser on the scene.

This sim marks the end of Season 10 of Star Trek: Andromeda. We will resume after a two-week break, on June 25, 2013.

EPISODE 230: "A Simple Request: Part II" (28 May 2013)

View chatlogA security strike force raids the damaged ship where a team of stranded Conglomerate officers are holding Lucindak, Hayes, and O'Callaghan hostage. They manage to safely rescue the captured crew members and take the kidnappers into custody.

EPISODE 229: "A Simple Request" (21 May 2013)

View chatlogAs strike teams set out in search of the Odyssey's missing officers, the chameloids holding Lucindak, Hayes, and O'Callaghan contact Wolfe and the rest of the crew with a proposal -- either the Odyssey gives the Conglomerate team free, unrestrained passage off Saldiri Station, or the chameloids will "dispose" of their Federation prisoners.

EPISODE 228: "Petty Revenge" (14 May 2013)

View chatlogThe Odyssey crew's shore leave on Saldiri Station takes a dark turn when Lucindak, Hayes, and O'Callaghan are taken prisoner by a group of Conglomerate chameloids who demand to know what the crew has done to the conduit system -- thinking that the Odyssey is collaborating with the new Kelvan invasion. Meanwhile, the rest of the crew beings to realize the team's disappearance and make plans for a search.

EPISODE 227: "Saldiri Station: Part II" (7 May 2013)

View chatlogThe Odyssey crew takes leave on Saldiri Station, which is filled with temperamental refugees from an attack of unknown nature in the nearby Rahock system. Things take a turn for the worse, however, when Lucindak, Hayes, and O'Callaghan are attacked by invisible assailants while attempting to purchase supplies at an engineering shop.

EPISODE 226: "Saldiri Station" (30 April 2013)

View chatlogThe Odyssey makes a stopover at Saldiri Station, an Andromedan Beta Quadrant trading post currently being overrun by refugees from an attack by unknown assailants on the nearby Rahock system. The station personnel welcome the Odyssey graciously (and are glad to find they are not bringing more refugees), and the crew takes cautious shore leave, keeping their ears open for insight on the location of Kelvan facilities or ships.

EPISODE 225: "Mad Scramble" (23 April 2013)

View chatlogThe Odyssey makes a break for freedom from the energy-sucking nebula being which had trapped them; they manage to escape and set a rather long course back to Free Species Alliance space, hoping to gain new intel on possible locations of Kelvan conduit control hubs.

EPISODE 224: "Venus Fly Trap" (16 April 2013)

View chatlogThe Odyssey crew cuts power to all systems in an attempt to detach itself from the "space goop" of the nebula in which they have become trapped. The attempt works -- just in time, as an enormous conscious plasma field which laid the trap in order to feed on the ship's power.

The ship begins to make its escape, but the creature notices them as they begin to pull free.

EPISODE 223: "Smoke and Mirrors" (9 April 2013)

View chatlogThe Odyssey hides out in a nebula while the senior officers discuss the situation; with the slipstream broken and the conduit addressing system once again rewritten, the crew determines to set out in search of another conduit control hub in order to rewrite the addresses again and find the conduit frequency which will take them home. Hayes also suggests that repairs should progress on the slipstream anyway, for reasons of morale if nothing else.

Meanwhile, the other officers discover that the nebula is beginning to "congeal" strangely around the aft half of the ship, and as it does so, causing power drain on the engineering hull and preventing the ship from mobilizing to depart.

EPISODE 222: "Troubling News" (2 April 2013)

View chatlogThe Odyssey crew attempts to return to the Milky Way to make a report on the return of the Kelvan to Andromeda. However, the conduit code for the Milky Way no longer works as expected, instead depositing the ship somewhere in the Andromedan Beta Quadrant. The crew quickly realizes that the returning Kelvan must have done the same network-wide address rewrite that they themselves did while capturing Cain.

Before the crew can fully absorb this news, they are chased away from the conduit by the arrival of another Kelvan squidship. The ship takes shelter in a nearby nebula while the crew figures out what to do next.

EPISODE 221: "Recovery Efforts: Part II" (26 March 2013)

View chatlogThe Odyssey crew continues assisting in the aftermath of the Kelvan attack on Salix, while engineering completes temporary repairs to allow them to return to the Milky Way.

EPISODE 220: "Recovery Efforts" (19 March 2013)

View chatlogIn the wake of the Kelvan aerial bombardment on the Alurian science colony of Salix, the Odyssey crew offers aid to the colonists and performs repairs on their own ship, which took hull damage to a couple of decks and major damage to a few sensor arrays, including a critical part of the slipstream drive.

EPISODE 219: "The Scourging of Salix" (12 March 2013)

View chatlogThe Odyssey participates in the Alurian battle to drive off two Kelvan scoutships which are bombarding the Alurian colony of Salix. They eventually manage to force the squidships into retreat, but not without taking some major damage themselves -- particularly a hole in the underside of the saucer section which does damage to the hull as well as numerous power and sensor systems.

EPISODE 218: "Lay of the Land" (5 March 2013)

View chatlogThe Odyssey travels back to Andromeda to reopen discourse with the Free Species Alliance but discovers Aluria in chaos as its fleet and government mobilize to respond to attacks on three of their colonies -- one of which is Salix, a scientific colony which the Odyssey has visited before. They set off to assist the Alurian fleet in defense, and Wolfe's worst fears are confirmed when they discover that the colonies are under attack by multiple Kelvan squidships. The Odyssey goes to red alert and prepares to fight.

EPISODE 217: "In the Clear" (26 February 2013)

View chatlogThe Odyssey crew does some digging through the information obtained at the Conglomerate base/Kelvan conduit hub, as well as repairing the damage taken during the battle to capture Cain. Meanwhile, Carmen Sandiago is exonerated of her murder charge by Cain's testimony in captivity and returns to the ship to resume her post as Chief of Security.

EPISODE 216: "Monkey Wrench" (19 February 2013)

View chatlogTucker's team manages to access the internal computers of the Kelvan conduit management hub being used by the Conglomerate as their home base. Using existing programs in the system, they trigger a remapping of all conduit access frequencies and download the new data to their tricorders before detonating the maintenance node of the station (thus rendering the Odyssey crew the only people who know the access frequencies used to trigger transit through any individual conduit).

Their activities, however, trigger an alarm in the Conglomerate living quarters on the hub, allowing Artemis Cain to almost slip the grasp of the strike team sent to capture him. The strike team returns to the other team's shuttle, which (protected by the Odyssey from pursuing Conglomerate ships) follows Cain on his escape attempt and disables him after a failed attempt to use the rewritten conduit system. Cain is incapacitated and brought back to the Odyssey for a triumphant return to the Milky Way.

EPISODE 215: "The Hub: Part III" (12 February 2013)

View chatlogThe strike team continues its infiltration of the Conglomerate base structure, fighting off a chameloid officer who manages to get too close and working their way closer to the human signature presumed to be Artemis Cain.

Meanwhile, Tucker's team explores a maintenance control node on the outer edge of the structure, which confirms that the structure used to be a Kelvan facility and is in fact a control center for the conduit network. The team manages to power up the consoles in the maintenance node, which boot up and offer the team three choices -- a conduit network diagnostic, a maintenance schedule, and a rewrite of the conduit's addressing schema (effectively changing the address frequencies for all conduit gates). The team begins pondering the best way to use this to deal a blow to the Conglomerate.

EPISODE 214: "The Hub: Part II" (5 February 2013)

View chatlogA strike team consisting of Valerian, Sullivan, Swift, Kii, and two redshirt SEC officers makes an infiltration into the giant Kelvan structure that the crew discovered while pursuing their released Conglomerate prisoner; their goal is to track down the lone human signature among the chameloids that primarily populate the structure, capture him alive, and return with him to the Milky Way.

A second team on the runabout Castor begins a flyby of the station attempting to gather information; Lucindak crossreferences data obtained from scans by Higara with her library of data on Kelvan technology and discovers that the Odyssey library has a record of this structure; it is a Kelvan central control hub for the conduit system, and the library contains access codes to get inside.

EPISODE 213: "The Hub" (29 January 2013)

View chatlogThe crew reacts to the enormous structure they have found, deducing that it is of Kelvan architecture but probably being used as a Conglomerate base, and that a human lifesign -- likely Artemis Cain -- is aboard. Wolfe divides the player characters into two teams, one of which will do reconnaissance trying to learn anything possible about the giant structure, and the other of which will do an infiltration through the structure's waste management system, which is less guarded than the rest.

EPISODE 212: "Slipping the Leash" (15 January 2013)

View chatlogThe Odyssey crew stages the escape of Gamma One's chameloid prisoner and follows her through the conduit, discovering that she has traveled to a huge (numerous Odysseys long in each direction) winding structure in the middle of the Andromedan beta quadrant, surrounded by Conglomerate ships.

EPISODE 211: "A Final Grasp" (8 January 2013)

View chatlogThe Odyssey crew has been grounded at Gamma One in light of Commander Sandiago's apparent murder of Romulan ambassador Koval tr'Radaik. In spite of these orders, however, Wolfe has the rest of the crew prepare for one more attempt to capture Artemis Cain -- who it has been revealed was responsible for framing Commander Sandiago for the murder. The plan is to release the Conglomerate saboteur who has been held prisoner on Gamma One for some weeks, letting her believe she has been allowed to escape, and following her back to whatever Conglomerate base she chooses to run to.


EPISODE 210: "End of the Line" (18 December 2012)

View chatlogThe Odyssey docks at Gamma One and a team presents the evidence gathered in the murder of Ambassador tr'Radaik, most of which points squarely at Commander Sandiago. The final straw comes when Carmen's alibi falls through; her ex-husband, Captain Sandiago of the Federation diplomatic team, does not back her up in her statement that she was with him at the time of the murder. She is remanded into the custody of a ship heading to the Alpha Quadrant and the Odyssey is locked down at Gamma One pending a full investigation and reassignment.

This sim marks the end of Star Trek: Andromeda's ninth season. We will break for the winter holidays and resume January 8, 2013.

EPISODE 209: "Overtures: Part II" (11 December 2012)

View chatlogThe beginning of negotiations for Romulan involvement in Andromedan exploration is abruptly curtailed by the discovery that Ambassador tr'Radaik has been murdered in his VIP quarters.

EPISODE 208: "Overtures" (4 December 2012)

View chatlogThe Federation has decided to open the technology of the conduits to the Romulan Empire (who became interested in Starfleet activity in the Gamma Quadrant after the Odyssey's somewhat unfortunate initial test of their stealth system near a Romulan patrol). The Odyssey, assigned to carry a delegation of Romulans from Rator III to Gamma One station, holds a reception in the Fallen Star lounge.

EPISODE 207: "Blown Out of the Sky: Part II" (27 November 2012)

View chatlogThe shuttle team shot down in the middle of the Alurian ocean fights back, struggling to keep shields raised on the shuttle while Sandiago and Sullivan fire on the attacking Jovian ship, preventing it from launching more explosives and eventually causing it too to crash into the ocean. Meanwhile, Tucker, Hayes, Swift, Kii, and Higara pinpoint the location and condition of the shuttle and swoop in to provide a rescue.

EPISODE 206: "Blown Out of the Sky" (13 November 2012)

View chatlogThe team which was shot down over the Alurian ocean last week learns that their attackers were Jovian religious extremists, who meant the destruction of their shuttle to be a sacrifice to their gods. Upon realizing that their attack was not successful, they drop another round of explosives on the sinking shuttle, although O'Callaghan and Pilot get the shields up in time to defend them from the brunt of the blast.

Meanwhile, those still on the Odyssey begin working to locate the downed shuttle and mount a rescue mission.

EPISODE 205: "The Alurian Summit" (6 November 2012)

View chatlogThe Odyssey travels to Aluria to pass its findings at Salix and Sanara along to a convened summit of the Free Species Alliance and Endari militaries which is looking into reports and sightings of Kelvan scoutships in Andromeda. On their way to the planet's surface, however, a shuttle of Odyssey crew is shot down by a ground-to-air missile, causing it to crash in the middle of the extensive Alurian seascape. Meanwhile, the science and engineering teams begin going through the technology discovered at Sanara and Salix and discuss the potential motives of the spotted Kelvan ships.

EPISODE 204: "The Last Kelvan Colony: Part II" (30 October 2012)

View chatlogThe teams on the surface of Sanara investigate the dead Kelvan colony they found there. Tucker's team enters the transmitter bunker and activates a recording of the distress signal transmitting through the conduit system -- which indicates the inhabitants of the colony were left behind from the general Kelvan evacuation of Andromeda, and accidentally unleashed some sort of research upon themselves, causing general death among the populace. Sandiago and Valerian's team locate the remains of a hospital's cryostasis room where they are able to retrieve some intact bodies and data on the incident for study.

EPISODE 203: "The Last Kelvan Colony" (23 October 2012)

View chatlogThe Odyssey crew travels to the surface of Sanara at the source of the distress call they have been tracking, finding themselves in a large and completely empty urban center, devoid of both life and power. One team travels to the source of the signal, a heavy bunker running on an emergency power source, while the other locates the city's medical facility. Both teams encounter the skeletons of dead Kelvan lying in the streets.

EPISODE 202: "The Blockade" (9 October 2012)

View chatlogSecurity and science investigate the circumstances of time-traveling Swift's arrival on the Odyssey. Engineering and the bridge crew manage to cause a power spike in the blockade around Sanara by lighting it up with a tachyon pulse, causing a chain reaction which disables the planet's defenses.

EPISODE 201: "Action Replay" (2 October 2012)

View chatlogThe Odyssey crew -- at all-stop, having killed the engines after a mysterious warning from a time-traveling, mortally injured Swift -- begin to investigate the nature of the warning, eventually discovering the cloaked blockade around Sanara after it pulverizes a probe they send into the atmosphere.

Wolfe, with Security's help, questions the current timeline's Swift on what he thinks happened, and Valerian and Lucindak discuss the death of the time-traveler and its implications.

EPISODE 200: "Reversal of Fortune" (25 September 2012)

View chatlogThe crew deals as best they can with the deaths, injuries, and damage called by their catastrophic crash into Sanara. Swift, dying from internal injuries and overwhelmed with grief at the death of his wife, chooses to transport away from the ship and activate an ancient, secret Progenitor time travel device, allowing him to transport to a specific point in place and time...

Two hours earlier, as the ship arrives at the Sanara system through the conduit, a time-traveling, dying Swift arrives outside of engineering, informing a perplexed crew that they must stop the ship immediately. Hayes orders an all-stop, beams the duplicate Nick to sickbay, and informs the bridge of the situation.

EPISODE 199: "Crash Landing" (18 September 2012)

View chatlogThe Odyssey travels to Sanara after learning that it is both the source of a distress call found looping through the comm systems of the conduit network and the most recent destination of the crashed squidship found on Salix. Their arrival at Sanara II, however, appears to trigger some sort of planetary defense system involving several heavy guns and a number of self-propelled mines, which attack the Odyssey on site as a "trespasser" and do rapid, heavy damage to shields, engines, and hull, ultimately causing it to careen in a deadly crash into the surface of the planet.

EPISODE 198: "The Survivor" (11 September 2012)

View chatlogThe crew communicates with the dying Kelvan officer, whose language Nat is somewhat able to translate -- he is asking them to help something or someone, and repeatedly gestures for the team to download the star charts in the squidship's database before succumbing to his injuries. The crew begins to investigate the ship in detail, which shows signs of great damage both from the crash and from weaponry that the team is not able to immediately identify.

EPISODE 197: "Crash Site" (4 September 2012)

View chatlogThe crew continues to investigate the crashed Kelvan ship, finding biomechanical technology, "cleaner" organisms, dead Kelvan -- and one live one, who attempts to communicate with the engineering team.

EPISODE 196: "Salix: Part II" (28 August 2012)

View chatlogThe crew investigates the crashed Kelvan ship, a part-machine, part-organic squidship like those encountered at the Kelvan Gate Battle a year or so earlier. After some initial inspection, they decide to use explosives to break open the ships "underbelly" ventral section.

EPISODE 195: "Salix" (21 August 2012)

View chatlogThe Odyssey arrives at the Alurian colony Salix, where they hope to obtain help researching an Arkusian toxin which has caused Lt. O'Callaghan to go blind. While negotiating for assistance, however, they witness a strange and unexpected event -- a Kelvan warship, seemingly out of control, plummeting into the system and into a collision course with the planet.

EPISODE 194: "Disassembly: Part III" (14 August 2012)

View chatlogThe team investigating the conduit is able to break into a sealed room containing the structure's main power generator; not without some cost, however, as they inadvertently trigger a defense mechanism which coats their corridor with electrical discharges and burns Sullivan severely.

Valerian begins treating O'Callaghan's blindness and discovers that it is the result of a bioengineered organism (similar to Venator venom and probably introduced during his fight on Arkusia) attacking his brainstem.

EPISODE 193: "Disassembly: Part II" (7 August 2012)

View chatlogHayes, Kii, and Swift break into the computer system on the conduit, recording a number of data packets being sent through the network for further investigation. Pilot informs them of a sealed room he found in one of the conduit's nodes and the team makes plans to investigate it.

Meanwhile, Lucindak and O'Callaghan (who is still suffering from a mysterious blindness) manage to get a signal through the storm surrounding their shuttle. Wolfe flies Valerian and Sandiago on a recovery mission.

EPISODE 192: "Disassembly" (31 July 2012)

View chatlogTucker leads a team consisting of Sandiago, Hayes, Sullivan, Swift, Pilot, and Kii to a Kelvan conduit in the Korluch belt (as the crew has been asked to disassemble or disable the conduit by a local race, the Dallinebians, to prevent further raids on them by slavers). They begin looking for access to the conduit's systems, and discover some rooms at the main nodes of the conduit, sealed off by security systems.

Wolfe and Valerian discuss the Federation slaves rescued from Arkusia, who have been chipped with Arkusian behavior-control technology and rigged to be explosive as a booby-trap for the Odyssey crew.

O'Callaghan and Lucindak take a shuttle to Dallineb to touch base with the locals; however, the trip is interrupted as the shuttle has to put down to avoid a hurricane-force storm on the planet's surface, and O'Callaghan -- who has been recovering from a knife wound suffered on Arkusia -- begins abruptly losing his eyesight.

EPISODE 191: "Return to Arkusia: Part III" (24 July 2012)

View chatlogTeams sent from the Odyssey to Arkusia release the Federation prisoners -- held under control by Arkusian mind-chips -- from transporter lockdown, allowing them to be beamed back to the ship (though the teams take some injuries in the escape). During this process, Lucindak converses with another trader on the planet and learns some troubling intelligence -- the Federation officers may be booby-trapped and laid as bait for the Odyssey crew.

EPISODE 190: "Return to Arkusia: Part II" (17 July 2012)

View chatlogTeams travel from the Odyssey to various locations on Arkusia's surface, beginning a concerted push towards retrieving the Federation signatures locked down on the planet.


EPISODE 189: "Return to Arkusia" (26 June 2012)

View chatlogThe Odyssey travels to Arkusia, intent on capturing Artemis Cain. However, a scan for human lifesigns reveals not just one but approximately 40, split between a group in a large Arkusian city center and another in a rural facility. Wolfe directs the ship to remain under cloak while they investigate, and Tucker begins assigning teams to scout the areas.

This sim marks the end of season 8 of Andromeda and will be followed by a two-week break. Andromeda will resume on July 17, 2012.

EPISODE 188: "The Traveler: Part II" (19 June 2012)

View chatlogCain, with Sandiago, Valerian, and Lucindak as hostages, attempts to clear out the Odyssey crew occupying the Conglomerate sensor bunker on Fermeris. When his guards are repulsed, however, he is willing to turn over the three captured officers in return for an assurance from Tucker that no damage has been done to the facility.

Meanwhile, O'Callaghan, Hayes, and Swift finish downloading the facility's sensor records, most of which appear to indicate deep scans of empty space.

EPISODE 187: "The Traveler" (12 June 2012)

View chatlogTucker's team continues to investigate the underground facility on Fermeris, which turns out to be a vast array of powerful sensor systems, all bent on scanning what appears to be primarily empty space. O'Callaghan, Hayes, and Swift deduce that it may be monitoring the exits of the conduit system and begin the process of downloading the sensor records for study aboard the Odyssey.

Meanwhile, Sandiago, Valerian, and Lucindak are taken prisoner by Artemis Cain in the course of his collection of a number of "chosen" from among the local villagers. He mentions they will be traveling shortly to Arkusia, but diverts briefly to show the three officers "the bunker" -- which turns out to be the same facility Tucker's team is investigating.

EPISODE 186: "A Point of Light: Part II" (29 May 2012)

View chatlogTwo teams depart from the Odyssey to investigate the latest planet of interest. One travels to the polar region to investigate an inexplicable power reading amid otherwise unadvanced people. The team discovers a huge control room buried beneath the permafrost.

The second team speaks with the agrarian locals at one settlement on the surface, one of whom identifies the planet (or the area) as Fermeris, and seems very excited at the imminent coming of one he calls "The Traveler," who evidently places great honor on the settlement by taking some of them with him occasionally. As this conversation wraps up, the Traveler himself arrives -- proving to be rogue ex-Admiral Artemis Cain, with a revenue of Conglomerate chameloids.

EPISODE 185: "A Point of Light" (22 May 2012)

View chatlogThe Odyssey having been repaired and certified for mission use of the Kelvan stealth system, the crew departs to a new Andromedan destination, this one a system near the border between Andromeda's Alpha and Beta Quadrants. The system they arrive in appears quiet, with three planets, one of which is habitable; closer inspection reveals that it has heavy population centers but only one noticeable sign of technology -- a giant power signature near the northern pole, entirely isolated from any habitations. Tucker begins assigning teams to investigate.

EPISODE 184: "Shakedown: Part III" (15 May 2012)

View chatlogSandiago and Sullivan manage to decompress the shuttle bay in time to eject the shuttle on which the chameloid stowaway set the self-destruct, and the crew begins the slow process of repairs and limping back to Gamma One.

EPISODE 183: "Shakedown: Part II" (8 May 2012)

View chatlogThe cascading failures which interrupted the Odyssey's shakedown test of its new stealth system turn out to be the product of sabotage, resulting from a Conglomerate chameloid spy who snuck aboard during the Vankilo mission. Security pursues her while Engineering manages the damage and the bridge crew talks their way out of an awkward situation with a Romulan scoutship.

EPISODE 182: "Shakedown" (1 May 2012)

View chatlogThe Odyssey, newly installed with a stealth system based on that used to cloak the conduits, goes out on a shakedown cruise to test the new installation. Everything seems to work well at first (though the crew experiences sensations similar to those of the Kenris anomalies as the ship is "submerged" in subspace), but the situation rapidly becomes complicated as the ship abruptly suffers massive unrelated cascading failures and drops out from under stealth right on top of a Romulan scoutship in the area.

EPISODE 181: "The Vankilo Raid: Part III" (24 April 2012)

View chatlogThe crew completes their raid on the Vankilo mines, escaping back to the Milky Way with several crates of the crystal needed for their new stealth system -- along with a few bumps and bruises.

EPISODE 180: "The Vankilo Raid: Part II" (17 April 2012)

View chatlogOdyssey's first infiltration team begins setting off charges in the lower levels of the Vankilo mines, creating chaos and distraction long enough to allow a second team to beam in in order to retrieve as much of the crystal being mined there as possible.

EPISODE 179: "The Vankilo Raid: Part I" (10 April 2012)

View chatlogThe teams depart for the assault on Vankilo. The team aboard the Pollux waits in the shadow of the planet's moon, while the team aboard the Castor begins the process of sneaking a few officers into the mines by passing them off as slaves being sold.

EPISODE 178: "Prep Time" (3 April 2012)

View chatlogAs they arrive in Andromeda via slipstream, the Odyssey crew works on final preparations for their upcoming raid on the Vankilo mines.

EPISODE 177: "A Route Underground" (27 March 2012)

View chatlogThe Odyssey crew discusses options for a plan to retrieve crystals from the Vankilo mines, eventually deciding that a team will pose as slaves being traded in order to get access to the lower mines and set off some kind of distraction while another team enters the refinery.

EPISODE 176: "Chrysalis" (20 March 2012)

View chatlogTucker, Sullivan, Pilot, and Night infiltrate some Opteran control centers to open a way for the Castor to escape, taking advantage of Opteran distraction due to the fact that the Askeri, having tracked the Federation team into their new semi-sanctuary, are now bombarding the planet's surface from orbit. The crew escapes, detaching from the cave sealant resin and avoiding Askeri sensors by repolarizing their ship's hull with tachyons, and returns to the conduit and back to the Milky Way.

EPISODE 175: "Cocoon" (13 March 2012)

View chatlogAs some of the team discuss options for extracting their shuttle from the Opteran tunnel resin and escaping the planet safely, Tucker takes a security team to investigate a number of control centers where they may be able to remove the barricade covering their exit tunnel.

EPISODE 174: "The Third Race: Part II" (6 March 2012)

View chatlogThe Castor lands within the huge underground tunnel network of the Opteran Hierarchy and meets their newest hosts, an insectoid, termite-like humanoid race. While Engineering begins repairs on the runabout's damaged nacelle, the rest of the crew discovers some unsettling new facts about the situation -- the slimy resin coating the walls and floor of the tunnels is slowly sealing the runabout to the cavern floor, and the Opterans are offering their hospitality on a permanent basis. They fear allowing the crew's knowledge of the conduits to be used by the Askeri for expansion, and so have no intention of allowing the crew to leave again.

EPISODE 173: "The Third Race" (28 February 2012)

View chatlogEngineering begins getting equipment together for as rapid a repair of the engines as possible, while the crew investigates the source of a new comm signal offering to help them, from a race identifying itself as the Opteran Hierarchy.

EPISODE 172: "Under Their Noses" (21 February 2012)

View chatlogSullivan, Pilot, and Tyvo -- overlooked by the Askeri crew interested in interrogating the rest of the Odyssey team for information on the conduit to help their expansionist plans -- break their crewmates out of prison by faking an evacuation-level shipboard emergency on the Askeri cruiser. As the Castor escapes the cruiser amid the chaos of a group of Askeri escape pods, they are hailed by a new signal altogether, which offers them shelter from the Askeri and offers coordinates at which they will be safe.

Amid this activity, Lucindak informs Valerian, Sandiago, and Wolfe of another piece of troubling intelligence gleaned from their Askeri captors -- they and the Prandians were on guard against a different visitor altogether, and there have been rumors of Kelvan squidships at the Triumvirate border.

EPISODE 171: "Askeri Hospitality" (14 February 2012)

View chatlogThe Odyssey crew, aboard the runabout Castor, are taken into the custody of the Askeri Empire, who claim to be intrigued by the newcomers' technology and their usage of the Kelvan conduit technology. The majority of the crew are taken rather peremptorily to an Askeri brig, but Sullivan, Pilot, and Antil manage to evade capture by hiding aboard the runabout.

EPISODE 170: "The Welcome Mat" (7 February 2012)

View chatlogThe Castor's capture by the Prandian Republic is curtailed abruptly as the Republic's High Councilor bids them a cheerful welcome "to the territory of the Triumvirate" once he realizes they are not, as their first captor believed, a returned invasion of the Kelvan, and invites them to celebrate their arrival on the Prandian homeworld.

Relieved, the crew looks at making repairs to their damaged warp nacelle, but this too is quickly overshadowed by the arrival of a second race identifying themselves as representatives of the Askeri Empire. They are intrigued by the crew's use of the Kelvan conduit and threaten to take them into custody.

EPISODE 169: "Entry Point" (31 January 2012)

View chatlogThe Odyssey's senior staff travel through the conduit for the first test run on the runabout Castor. They emerge successfully (though with some knocking about and damage to warp and shields) in an unexplored quadrant of Andromeda. Before they can get their bearings, they are pounced upon by four warships hailing from something called the Prandian Republic and the Triumvirate, led by an excitable, scared young man who seems to believe they are a returning force of the Kelvan.

One of the warships puts the runabout into a tractor beam and they are dragged off through warp. Hayes and O'Callaghan determine how to break free, but not before they have dropped back out of warp in an alien system.

EPISODE 168: "Initial Phase" (24 January 2012)

View chatlogTucker, O'Callaghan, Sullivan, Pilot, and Hayes travel to the Gamma One station and retrieve the Odyssey's new support craft, the Pallas-class runabouts Castor and Pollux. Meanwhile, Lucindak finds a hint to activating the gates in the Kelvan file she is translating, and Swift and Sandiago are able to perform unmanned probe tests on the conduit's aperture.

EPISODE 167: "Gamma One" (17 January 2012)

View chatlogThe Odyssey arrives at the Starfleet research facility, Gamma One, operating next to the Kelvan conduit which they have been sent to help explore. Tucker leads a team to retrieve two Pallas-class runabouts with which the Odyssey will begin their initial manned transit, while those still on the Odyssey continue research and begin prep for unmanned tests.

EPISODE 166: "The State of Things" (10 January 2012)

View chatlogWolfe briefs the crew on their newest mission. A Kelvan conduit has been discovered in the Milky Way's Gamma Quadrant, and is assumed to be an outlet for the (partially) Conglomerate-controlled network in Andromeda. The Odyssey is ordered to proceed to the Gamma Quadrant, learn how to operate the conduit, and if successful, begin a mapping expedition back into Andromeda.

Wolfe tells the crew the mission is strictly voluntary due to Andromeda's dangers and gives them 48 hours to decide whether to join it; however, several officers make the decision to return immediately.

EPISODE 165: "Recall" (3 January 2012)

View chatlogAs two months of leave for the Odyssey crew draw to a close, they are surprised to find that their new orders have them all reunited in San Francisco for a debriefing together regarding an as-yet-unspecified new mission.


EPISODE 164: "Homecoming" (13 December 2011)

View chatlogAs the final modifications are made to the Odyssey-C's salvaged slipstream, the pirates which previously harassed them return with backup. A chaotic battle ensues both inside and outside the ship, with the Odyssey crew eventually detonating the hulk of the Odyssey-B and escaping via slipstream to finally begin the journey home to the Milky Way.

This week ends season 7 of Andromeda. We will recommence after a two-week break for the holiday season; our next sim will be January 3, 2012.

EPISODE 163: "Salvage" (6 December 2011)

View chatlogThe Odyssey crew begins its salvage of the Odyssey-B wreckage while fighting off a local pirate crew who wishes to claim the salvage for themselves.

EPISODE 162: "The Wreck" (29 November 2011)

View chatlogAs the local solar flare dies down, the Odyssey enters the heart of the spatial anomaly which has collected the wreckage of the Kelvan Gate Battle. While Security practices combat drills, the bridge crew, Science, and Engineering locate the wreck of the Odyssey-B and tow it free of the anomaly, preparing to salvage its slipstream drive from its aft section.

EPISODE 161: "Fear: Part II" (15 November 2011)

View chatlogTrapped on a station and infected with parasitical organisms which are stimulating and feeding off of their adrenal system, the crew begins to succumb to the strain of constant anxiety. Conflicts break out amongst the officers until a plan finally comes together -- opening the station's armor and let in the effects of the radiation storm outside, effectively cooking the parasites out of their systems.

EPISODE 160: "Fear" (8 November 2011)

View chatlogSealed into the alien station protecting them from a local radiation storm, the Odyssey crew discovers that it is already inhabited by a number of bodies, all of whom seem to have died with no visible injuries but with expressions of terror on their faces.

As the crew begins investigating the situation and waiting out the storm, those who have come in contact with the bodies begin to feel a distinct sense of uneasiness as well, which quickly morphs into anxiety and then definite paranoia.

EPISODE 159: "The Vortex" (1 November 2011)

View chatlogThe Odyssey travels to the spatial anomaly at the site of the Kelvan Gate Battle where they hope to retrieve the wreckage of the Odyssey-B for use in repairing their slipstream drive. The system's turbulent star, however, is in the process of a major flare cycle which will flood the area with dangerous radiation.

Wolfe orders the ship to put in at a heavily armored station operating at the edge of the anomaly for the purpose of shelter from such cycles. It appears abandoned, but the crew has no sooner abandoned the Odyssey and been sealed inside the station against the flares than Pilot and his security team discover that a control room in the center of the station is manned entirely by corpses -- unmarked with no sign of trauma, but with faces twisted in frozen terror.

EPISODE 158: "Miles to Go Before I Sleep" (25 October 2011)

View chatlogThe team dispatched to the Keep makes contact with two Kalatians who have been sent to investigate the station since the Federation force has evidently abandoned it to return to their own galaxy. The meeting, despite past history, is generally friendly and the Kalatians agree that the Odyssey crew can also investigate, particularly if they can get the station's systems running. The Kalatians, not being Progenitor "reclaimers," have had no luck with the station's Progenitor equipment.

Meanwhile, shipboard, Wolfe shuts herself in her office while O'Callaghan, Sullivan, and Swift discuss options. It is decided that they will investigate the wreckage left behind at the Kelvan Gate Battle, in the hope that the remains of the Odyssey-B will provide the Federation parts, unavailable anywhere else, required to repair the slipstream.

EPISODE 157: "Origin Point" (18 October 2011)

View chatlogThe Odyssey arrives at the Keep in the hopes of rendezvousing with the remainder of the Federation's Andromeda Task Force, but finds their hopes dashed; there are no Federation ships at the Keep and no sign of any wreckage to indicate a battle. The Odyssey is alonge.

They dock with the Keep and Sandiago, Valerian, Lucindak, and Pilot depart to the station to investigate the non-Federation life signs which seem to currently be inhabiting it, while Wolfe, O'Callaghan, Swift, and Night discuss options (or lack thereof) on the bridge.

EPISODE 156: "Planetfall" (11 October 2011)

View chatlogThe Odyssey reaches Detri IV as its waystation on the way to the Keep, but the expected Federation contingent isn't there. All the Odyssey finds is the remnants of the USS Kitfox (destroyed by the Conglomerate six weeks earlier to obtain the transponder which lured the Odyssey to Vankilo). A crew is dispatched to retrieve the one survivor of the Kitfox, who has been living on the surface of Detri for a month and a half.

Meanwhile, the Odyssey parks in orbit to take leave on Detri while the crew finishes checking the ship over. Night discovers a file locked by Kelvan encryption, deposited in the system which seems to have no malicious intent but is simply an encoded list of coordinates, many of them outside the quadrant of Andromeda which the Odyssey has explored thus far.

EPISODE 155: "Back from the Dead" (27 September 2011)

View chatlogThe Odyssey crew stages a takeover of their ship to recover it from their Conglomerate captors. Sullivan and Pilot retake deflector control while Night gains control of the computer systems and locks down most of the other critical locations.

Wolfe, Sandiago, Valerian, and Lucindak reach the bridge and take out the Conglomerate chameloids there. They also discover a man in a ripped Starfleet uniform sitting in the captain's chair, who reveals himself to be ex-Admiral Artemis Cain, a rogue Section 31 agent reported dead over six months earlier. Before the crew can apprehend him, however, he disappears from the ship.

Meanwhile, O'Callaghan discovers that the "conduit" structure which the Odyssey apparently passed through has brought them in the direction of the Keep -- by about seven and a half months, into familiar territory. Wolfe orders their crew retrieved from the Conglomerate cargo ships; the Odyssey then puts a torpedo into everything within range and sets course for the nearest familiar planet, Detri IV.

EPISODE 154: "Broken Bonds" (20 September 2011)

View chatlogThe crew, having broken free of their cells on Conglomerate transport ships, make their way in their separated groups to two control consoles, from which they are able to determine several things -- they are part of a convoy heading towards a large base, they have just emerged from a giant structure which O'Callaghan and Antil identify as one of the conduits learned about at the Kelvan weapons platform, and they are being followed by the Odyssey, which they had thought locked down before they were captured at Vankilo.

Each group is able to hack into their prison ship's transporters and beam to the Odyssey -- the men to MENG, the women to the armory.

EPISODE 153: "Rise" (13 September 2011)

View chatlogThe Odyssey crew is finally retrieved from the Vankilo mines. The guards there give no explanation for the Federation crew's being rounded up, but they find themselves transported in small groups to holding areas on what are evidently ships, suggesting that they have finally been picked up by the Conglomerate, who ordered their initial capture.

Wolfe, Sandiago, Valerian, and Lucindak stage a mock-fight to draw the attention of the guards and get the drop on them, while O'Callaghan and Night hotwire the door of their cell, allowing Sullivan and Pilot to take their guards prisoner.

Just as all this finishes, the groups suddenly suffer a strange bending and streching sensation that snaps back into normalcy without any apparent residual effects.

EPISODE 152: "Tartarus: Part II" (6 September 2011)

View chatlogLife continues for the Odyssey crew trapped in the Vankilo mining workforce as the rock dust continues to eat at their respiratory systems. The men's rockface suffers a cave-in, while Antil and Pilot antagonize the guards, Sullivan spreads around some of the rewards from his fighting escapades, O'Callaghan and Swift deal with the mental strain of their situation, and everyone continues working themselves to the bone. The women suffer blows at the hands of the guards and converse briefly with a fellow prisoner, an ex-Conglomerate chameloid woman who taunts them about further abuse to come when the Conglomerate, who ordered their initial capture, eventually come to take them away.

EPISODE 151: "Tartarus" (30 August 2011)

View chatlogThe Odyssey crew is taken prisoner by the Vankilo mining consortium, who explain that they are acting on the orders of the Conglomerate but intend to use the crew for their own slave labor purposes for the time being. The crew is split up into groups of males and females, the former of which are sent off into the consortium's mines, the latter dispatched to a sorting facility, both deep underground.

EPISODE 150: "The Trojan Horse" (23 August 2011)

View chatlogThe Odyssey picks up a transponder code in orbit of a nearby moon, which seems to be originating from the USS Kitfox, a ship from the Federation contingent which, as far as anyone knows, should be a quadrant away and far out of contact. Wolfe orders an intercept course set, but too late, the crew realizes the signal is a trap -- there is no ship there, only a transmitter.

As the ship reaches close range of the moon, they are seized by a field generated from the surface, the same as that encountered at Ninurta; at the same time, a comm message informs them that they are in the custody of the Vankilo mining consortium and instructs them to stand down.

The crew initially reacts with contempt, but is forced to shut down its propulsion and shields in order to prevent the systems from shorting out in the field. Upon shutdown, the ship is immediately flooded with tear gas and then an extensive boarding party, both beamed from the moon's surface. Faced with a mostly incapacitated crew and threats of further injury to them, Wolfe surrenders the ship.

EPISODE 149: "Interference Pattern: Part III" (16 August 2011)

View chatlogFurther discussions with the Ninurtan locals reveal that not only are they dependent on Conglomerate trade and the drug "mist" (thinking it a cure for a planet-wide plague) but that they are expecting an incoming Conglomerate fleet with a shipment at any moment. With things thus on a rushed schedule, Antil, Night, and Sullivan disable the systems of the generator holding the ship in the system.

Meanwhile, Medical provides a cure for mist addiction updated for Ninurtan physiology, and Security receives some disturbing warnings from the Conglomerate prisoners regarding their opinion of Federation activity in the quadrant. Wolfe, worried about the impending arrival of enemy ships, orders information on the interference field and the mist sent to Hariket so they, with their greater resources, can offer assistance while the Odyssey continues on its way.

EPISODE 148: "Interference Pattern: Part II" (9 August 2011)

View chatlogA team is sent to the surface of the Ninurtan planet which seems to be the source of the interference field holding them in the system and interfering with comms and sensors. Upon arriving they are met (and greeted with gunfire) by a quartet of humanoids of various non-native species guarding a large generator facility.

Security subdues the attackers by stun and Antil, Night, Sullivan, and Swift enter the facility in the hopes of shutting it down or providing a more forcible demolition. The remainder of the team secures the unconscious prisoners as two Ninurtan locals approach. The locals are pale and thin and seem perplexed by the Odyssey team's arrival and by their not being from the Conglomerate, and one seems slightly disappointed insofar as this means they "do not have the mist."

EPISODE 147: "Interference Pattern" (26 July 2011)

View chatlogThe Odyssey, passing through a system called Ninurta, said to have disappeared from contact with its Hariketan trading partners, is abruptly thrown from warp and left stranded in the middle of the system. Diagnostics find that the engines have suffered no damage but that the Odyssey is prevented from forming a warp bubble in the area by an interference field which is also making both communications and sensors staticky and unreliable.

Investigations reveal that the interference seems to be centered on a strong power signature the system's inhabited planet. A team is dispatched to investigate and shut down the field so the Odyssey's journey can continue.

EPISODE 146: "Bloodhounds" (19 July 2011)

View chatlogWith Wolfe still off-ship undergoing questioning, the Odyssey crew offers medical and engineering assistance to the sabotaged Hariket science station -- and discovers the signature of another as-yet-undetonated explosive. Night is sent to triangulate its location so that it can be beamed off and in the process stumbles across the saboteurs -- a member of station personnel and a Conglomerate "chameloid" who is able to blend himself into the walls.

Security attempts to apprehend the two conspirators, but when the station officer attempts to turn himself in, the chameloid shoots him and then resists arrest himself, disappearing into the bowels of the station.

EPISODE 145: "As Advertised" (12 July 2011)

View chatlogThe Odyssey crew prepares to undock after shore leave and a failed attempt to warn the Hariket science station personnel about their intel regarding a potential Conglomerate sabotage attempt. As the crew returns back to the ship, the sabotage strikes and a set of explosions rip the side of the station apart.

Captain Wolfe, along with the commanding officers of other ships docked at the station, is taken into custody for questioning. Meanwhile, the station (dealing with some differences of opinion among its personnel) eventually asks the Odyssey for medical and engineering help as the crew begins to piece together exactly what happened in the sabotage.


EPISODE 144: "Detonation" (21 June 2011)

View chatlogThe Odyssey crew initiates the detonation of the Kelvan weapons platform; the resulting explosion reacts unexpectedly with the surrounding anomalies and the shockwave which strikes the Odyssey is amplified, sending it tumbling through the Kenris anomalies and back to the edge of the Expanse.

There, the crew is met by three ships belonging to the defense force of the planet Hariket and its orbiting science station, who demand to know what the Odyssey has done to cause the upheaval in the Expanse. The ship is escorted to the science station, where the crew is granted tentative leave to the station and planet while Wolfe explains the situation.

This sim ends season 6 of Star Trek: Andromeda. We will resume after a two-week break for our next sim on Tuesday, July 12th.

EPISODE 143: "Demolition Derby" (14 June 2011)

View chatlogAntil and Night make preparations for destroying the Kelvan weapons platform against further salvage by another, potentially hostile race; Night beams over with an array of explosives, some of which are stolen by Venator hunters but the majority of which are placed properly.

Meanwhile, Sandiago, Valerian, O'Callaghan, and Swift investigate the ship which the Venators have been using and discover, among other things, that it has been receiving Conglomerate databursts; they manage to get a great deal of information from the ship's bridge and infirmary, but their investigation sets off a security alarm and the ship self- destructs, giving the team barely enough time to escape via lifepod.

EPISODE 142: "The Platform" (7 June 2011)

View chatlogWhile Sandiago and Khellian hold off further waves of Venator hunters, Antil, O'Callaghan, Night, and Swift investigate the systems on the Kelvan weapons platform; they are able to download a great deal of technical information, as well as historical data on the Kelvan Empire and sporadic reference to an abandoned construction called a "conduit", some kind of interstellar/galactic transport device initially intended to be used as part of the Kelvan invasion of the Milky Way. The team is, however, not able to hack the system well enough to move or take control of the platform itself, so Antil and Wolfe decide to take steps to disable it explosively to prevent it from falling into potentially enemy hands.

Shipboard, Wolfe and Valerian discuss the autopsy of the Venator bodies brought back from the first trip to the station; scans have revealed that they are actually genetically enhanced members of the Draynar race called the Seraphal and that their knives are tipped with Arkusian neurotoxin.

EPISODE 141: "Who Hunts the Hunters?" (31 May 2011)

View chatlogThe kidnapped crew attempts to escape the Kelvan weapons platform and evade the Venators who brought them there from the Odyssey; Sullivan and Tyvo go with Daeron'Qinn to find a communications center and Lucindak, Analea'Qinn soon follow as their hiding place is breached. Using a combination of physical defense and piercing screams causing feedback over the platform's internal PA, the group is able to hold off the Venator packs until the arrival of Sandiago, O'Callaghan, and Valerian with their rescue team.

EPISODE 140: "Expansive Inquiry" (24 May 2011)

View chatlogThe Odyssey locates the Kelvan weapons platform for which they have been searching, nestled amid the anomalies of the Kenris Expanse at the coordinates found in the Dystros database. As the ship comes to all-stop near the platform, transporter beams poke through the shields and take approximately three percent of the crew, transporting them to the platform. There they are attacked by mysterious canine creatures and their commbadges removed before being released into the corridor, where they encounter Daeron'Qinn, one of the Almetians who traveled with his wife aboard the Odyssey and whose Federation-loaned shuttle was found empty amid the anomalies several days before.

Daeron confirms that the canine creatures are the Venators which the crew has heard mention of, and that they have been taken as prey to be chased; their release into the corridor is a mere head start given to make the chase more interesting. He then takes them into the platform's ductwork to meet up with his wife in a semi-safe location while they get their bearings to look for a communications array or another way to contact the Odyssey.

Meanwhile, shipboard, the bridge crew attempt to locate the missing crew and eventually locks onto their commbadges, only to find when they are beamed back that the badges have been attached to dead, mutilated bodies not belonging to Odyssey crew. Plans are made to send a rescue team by shuttle.

EPISODE 139: "Jungle" (17 May 2011)

View chatlogThe Odyssey begins its journey into the Kenris Expanse towards the coordinates provided by the Kelvan database; en route it encounters the signature of another ship which turns out to be the Federation shuttle Andraste, which departed from the Odyssey two weeks ago to return the ship's Almetian guests to their home.

The shuttle is empty and shows no sign of damage or struggle, having simply drifted idle about two days beforehand. However, a knife is found lodged in a bulkhead which is identified as being the same sort which was found on the abandoned freighter from Trithemius, indicating that the group called the Venators is possibly present in the area.

EPISODE 138: "The Path" (10 May 2011)

View chatlogAs repairs progress on the Odyssey while docked at Mahasin, chaos breaks out in Engineering as a member of the starport's borrowed engineering team turns out to be underhanded, attacks one of the Odyssey engineering crew, and makes off with some of the department's equipment. Security responds, locking down the ship and catching him when he tries to escape into the Jeffries tubes.

Meanwhile, the bridge crew accesses the Kelvan database cylinders obtained at Dystros, using an encryption crack provided by the Xollocoi; in the database, they find that the most recent map file references ship movements and the location of an artillery station which might be the Kelvan weapons platform the crew is looking for. This good news is mitigated, however, by the fact that that location is in the opposite direction from the Keep, back into the Kenris Expanse.

EPISODE 137: "Oasis" (3 May 2011)

View chatlogThe Odyssey finishes its limp to Mahasin Starport using the fuel obtained at Trithemius. Mahasin is a more modern facility than Taigran was and seems well-maintained and secure, and agrees to trade with the Odyssey crew for a power feed and technical crew. Repairs begin on the damaged propulsion system and a Security team OKs the station for shore leave.

EPISODE 136: "Overboard" (26 April 2011)

View chatlogSullivan, Antil, and McIntyre fight off an undersea creature and bring their Stormchaser (and the fuel they got from the Trithemian miners) to the ocean surface; there they find that the mining platform was struck by an intense storm which has knocked Valerian, Lucindak, and the Swifts clear of the decking into the water. A rescue operation takes place and the platform team is treated for hypothermia and, in Rachel Swift's case, a head injury; the team returns to the ship, battered but alive and with enough fuel to reach Mahasin to make full repairs.

EPISODE 135: "Trithemius: Part II" (19 April 2011)

View chatlogA team departs to deliver the traumatized Trithemian named Jarius to the ocean-borne mining facility which the Odyssey made contact with; while part of the team stays on the platform to make contact and investigate trade possibilities, the shuttle goes to the facility's deuterium fuel storage center underwater and begins filling supply tanks.

Shipboard, Wolfe and Eastwood discuss potential interpretations and ramifications of the reported attack by "Venators" on the Trithemian freighter.

EPISODE 134: "Trithemius" (12 April 2011)

View chatlogThe Odyssey reaches Trithemius and makes contact with the locals; they are startled by the news of the attack on their freighter but are willing to trade for fuel supplies, as well as their actual goods -- primarily mined gemstones and some kind of toxin which they imply to be the same used by the Arkusian slavers.

EPISODE 133: "Survivor" (5 April 2011)

View chatlogThe Odyssey crew investigates the abandoned freighter and questions its sole surviving occupant, a terrified man named Jarius who speaks ramblingly about most of his crew being taken by the "Venators" and begs to be taking home to the planet Trithemius.

As Trithemius turns out to be within easier range of the Odyssey's damaged power systems than Mahasin Starport, the crew makes plans to siphon off some of the freighter's deuterium stores and travel there instead, to trade for further fuel to hopefully ease the remainder of the trip to Mahasin.

EPISODE 132: "Running on Fumes" (29 March 2011)

View chatlogThe Odyssey crew realizes that their current fuel stores may not be enough to keep life support systems running all the way to Mahasin Starport; discussion begins on the bridge as to how to extend fuel stores long enough to keep the crew and ship intact.

Meanwhile, the ship detects a small freighter of unknown origin which is broadcasting a shaky distress call; a security and medical team is dispatched to investigate and finds it empty and undisturbed except for a small pile of bloody, gruesomely killed bodies in the cargo bay, with another man, alive and bloody, in front of them.

EPISODE 131: "Desert" (22 March 2011)

View chatlogThe Odyssey has suffered serious failures to its fuel intake and propulsion systems; repairs are stymied by explosions in the nacelles and a resulting slow leak in the fuel reserves. A decision is made to strike out for Mahasin Starport, a local trade hub (over two months away at impulse) which will provide a more stable repair location. The ship goes near-dark to conserve power and prepares to travel out of the system.

A team sent to the surface of Ahriman IV encounters a race calling itself the Ahrimanir, which manifests itself as vaguely humanoid forms constructed out of the dirt of the planet. Though they offer no real technological help (besides an offer of shelter should the need arise), they mention that the Odyssey should use some mechanism (evidently Kelvan) called a "conduit" to travel since their ship is damaged, though they know of it only by hearsay.

EPISODE 130: "A Wayward Spark" (15 March 2011)

View chatlogAs the Odyssey begins traveling away from the Utiepan prison nebula, a series of slowly loosening couplings in its fuel intake system cause cascading power failures. The ship is forced to go to emergency backup power and pull into orbit of a nearby planet to take stock and begin repairs.

EPISODE 129: "Lost Souls: Part II" (8 March 2011)

View chatlogThe nebula which the AT entered last week has turned out to be a "neural prison" housing the mental signatures and personalities of convicted Utiepan criminals; several of the inmate personalities have latched onto the away team and return with them to the ship. After one of them transfers to Sandiago to obtain her command codes, they hijack the ship from sickbay, trying to return it to the nebula to free the other inmates.

The hijacking almost succeeds, but is slowed by an attempt at gassing the possessed crew, giving the bridge and Kavur time to use the sickbay systems to release an EMP, driving out the alien energy signatures.

EPISODE 128: "Lost Souls" (1 March 2011)

View chatlogThe Odyssey resumes course along the edge of the Kenris Expanse and encounters a large nebular body which catches their attention in that it seems to be producing some strange and uncharacteristic energy readings. When said energy readings fry the sensors of an initial probe, Kavur, Sullivan, Antil, and McIntyre take a Stormchaser in to investigate. The shuttle is buffeted by the energy readings as it begins to explore the edge of the nebula; it begins entering deeper and discovers that the energy is in fact numerous independent signatures, just in time for some of them to push through the shields and sink themselves into the AT's bodies.

EPISODE 127: "Scrap: Part II" (22 February 2011)

View chatlogThe Odyssey's investigation of the abandoned scrapyard becomes very nearly fatal the facility's AI resumes normal operations. Sullivan, McIntyre, and Swift aboard one of the empty ships are nearly caught in the compactor mechanism and Swift is injured by a falling bulkhead; Cameron, Antil, and Sehr in another ship also being towed in are able to spacewalk between the two ships and eventually cut the trapped team free in time for everyone to be beamed out.

Meanwhile Sandiago and O'Callaghan aboard one of the scrapyard towers attempt to reason with the AI program and Eastwood attempts to shut it down from the outside, resulting in the AI suspecting an attack and attempting to lock the facility down entirely; a few well-placed torpedo and tachyon bursts incapacitate the shields long enough to beam the team free, at which point the facility shuts down.

EPISODE 126: "Scrap" (15 February 2011)

View chatlogThe Odyssey encounters an odd phenomena between systems while moving away from the Xollocoi colony -- a fleet of what seem to be powered-down, stripped-out ships, neatly ordered near several larger unidentified structures. Several teams are sent over to investigate and look into the possibility of making use of their computer records or hardware; however, the presence of teams on the ships and, later, on one of the large towers seems to activate a dormant program. Two teams are trapped aboard two of the ships as a magnetic field begins to pull them towards the towers, revealing the facility's purpose -- a scrap crushing/recycling plant.

EPISODE 125: "Historians: Part II" (1 February 2011)

View chatlogThe away team interacts with the Xollocoi. While Wolfe speaks with one of their representatives, the remainder of the team investigates an array of artifacts collected by the colony in their 'monastery'; one of these artifacts, a tiara, seems to have an unsettling effect on the team, particularly Lucindak, in whom it causes mental flashes of intense war imagery.

Wolfe's discussion with the Xollocoi implies that the Xollocoi may be willing to help the crew, but not immediately; in the meantime, the insectoid historians ask for temporary passage on board the Odyssey.

In MENG, engineering and science's investigations into the Almetian fighters' sensors reveal a possible approach for applying them to Federation technology.

EPISODE 124: "Historians" (25 January 2011)

View chatlogThe Odyssey makes contact with the Xollocoi, a race of hive-minded insectoid historians who have a colony on the edge of the Expanse; a team is dispatched by shuttle to make first contact with them and investigate the possibility of getting information on the Kelvan weapons platform.

Meanwhile, Science and Engineering begin work on the Almetian sensor technology obtained during their stay at that colony.

EPISODE 123: "The Enemy of My Enemy: Part III" (18 January 2011)

View chatlogO'Callaghan, Sandiago, Cameron, and Sehr take a shuttle out to act as a transporter buoy between the Odyssey and the Conglomerate ships and beam back the stolen Endari weapons shipment; meanwhile, medical and security treat and placate their Endari guests and the remaining crew figure out a way to cover their retreat from the Conglomerate fleet by beaming a live torpedo and three electromagnetic pulse rounds in the other direction, as well as maneuvering a few local asteroids into the enemy ships' hulls.

The heist succeeds and the Odyssey warps out with the cargo, leaving a decimated Conglomerate force in its wake.

EPISODE 122: "The Enemy of My Enemy: Part II" (11 January 2011)

View chatlogThe Odyssey makes plans to try to retrieve the Endari freighter's stolen weapons shipment; a shuttle running on low power will approach the Endari fleet close enough to act as a transporter buoy to transport the cargo from the Conglomerate ship to the Odyssey. The Odyssey will operate as a destination point, and a distraction during the inevitable resulting chaos. A team is dispatched to prep a shuttle while the crew discusses further options. The other injured Endari are treated in sickbay and then confined to quarters, much to their dismay.

EPISODE 121: "The Enemy of My Enemy" (4 January 2011)

View chatlogThe Odyssey departs Almetia en route to the homeworld of the Xollocoi, a race of historians who, it is suggested, will be able to help with the search for a Kelvan weapons platform. En route, the Odyssey receives a distress call from an Endari ship which is under attack by a mysterious black cruiser. The cruiser dispatches the Endari ship's shields and steals its cargo, a shipment of Endari weaponry, then disappears after firing a set of warning shots at the Odyssey.

The Endari ship's captain insists that the Odyssey carry him and his wounded crew in pursuit of the cruiser; the Odyssey does so, but finds that the cruiser is not a sole pirate ship but has gone to rendezvous with five other similar ships. When asked what sort of enemy they are dealing with, the Endari captain explains that these ships belong to collector agents of the Conglomerate.


EPISODE 120: "Edge of Reality: Part III" (14 December 2010)

View chatlogThe Odyssey crew assists the Alurian/human hybrid colonists of Almetia, replacing the generator for the shield which protects them from their star's radiation, and treating those who suffered burns during the shield's failure. The ship then settles in to take leave at the planetoid and complete repairs suffered during their escape from the Kenris Expanse.

This concludes season 5 of Star Trek: Andromeda. We will resume, after a two-week holiday break, on January 4, 2011.

EPISODE 119: "Edge of Reality: Part II" (7 December 2010)

View chatlogThe Odyssey crew, having determined that they have been thrown eight months away from contact with the Keep and the rest of the fleet, arrives in orbit of a small planetoid being occupied by the Alurian/human hybrids who rescued them from the Expanse. The planetoid is radiation-soaked from a nearby, somewhat distorted star, and the hybrid group are on their way to evacuating, as their shielding system is old and has been on its way to failing for a week, causing widespread radiation damage.

After some discussion, the crew decides to send a team down to render engineering and medical assistance.

EPISODE 118: "Edge of Reality" (30 November 2010)

View chatlogThe Odyssey, freed (with the sacrifice of its slipstream systems) from the perception-warping anomaly that held it, searches for a way out of the strange, starless, anomaly-infested space into which it has emerged; eventually the crew encounters a small group of modified Alurian fighters crewed by Alurian/human hybrids, the leader of which announces himself as Markus'Etor and offers to guide the ship out of the "Expanse."

Medical and Security collect, assess, and treat casualties and Engineering works on the damage the ship sustained during the escape, locating pockets of minor damage and one big problem -- the slipstream drive is fused beyond repair.

EPISODE 117: "Venture Perception: Part II" (16 November 2010)

View chatlogThe Odyssey crew, having hung on the edge of a perception-warping spatial anomaly for over two hours, attempts to break free with the use of the slipstream engines; the attempt is is successful but the slipstream system is heavily damaged and the ship is deposited in clear space surrounded by further space-time tears.

EPISODE 116: "Venture Perception" (9 November 2010)

View chatlogThe Odyssey's crew, having been tossed into an unknown location by Q, find themselves abruptly suffering from a strange sensory deadening, losing their sense of orientation as well as other perceptions, such as sound, color, and touch, as the reality around them fluctuates in and out. Scans outside the ship show that they are caught in the midst of violent gravimetric distortions which are preventing them from escaping the anomaly causing the fluctuations to space and perception.

EPISODE 115: "Q.E.D." (2 November 2010)

View chatlogAfter eight months of monitoring the Odyssey's progress in Andromeda, Q returns to complain about what she considers inferior entertainment; attracting the attention of some of the crew, she exchanges gibes with them in sickbay for a short while. At a comment from Wolfe suggesting that she should get out or provide something useful, she quips that she can indeed give the Odyssey something interesting to find, snaps her fingers and disappears. The ship lurches into violent forward motion and when it halts, the crew find themselves and the ship both suffering from strange numbing and warping effects.

EPISODE 114: "Dead Men Walking" (26 October 2010)

View chatlogThe corpses of the Xent colonists, reanimated by a energy-hungry parasite latched to their brain stems, attack the Odyssey away team, killing a few scientists and engineers as well as Commander T'Ren, before the team is able to activate an electromagnetic pulse which both disables the majority of the zombies and sets fire to much of the colony structures.

EPISODE 113: "Ghost Town" (19 October 2010)

View chatlogThe Odyssey arrives in orbit of Xent and attempts to contact the planetside colonies there; initial comms prove fruitless, however, and though planetside scans reveal lifesigns within the colonies, the signs are weak and unclear.

A team travels to the planet's surface and finds the primary colony to be, at first glance, completely empty and silent and somewhat run-down; though surrounded by lifesigns, they receive no greeting and can hear nothing in the surrounding buildings, and a chemical fire is in the process of erupting in one of the structures. The team is given orders to bring down more personnel and investigate.

EPISODE 112: "Pack Animals: Part II" (12 October 2010)

View chatlogA team travels to the hijacked Zaika ship and finds that its hijacker has done an impressive amount of damage to the Zaika crew on his way to taking control of its propulsion and weaponry. While Wolfe, O'Callaghan, and Stewart lead the hijacked ship on a chase into a nearby asteroid field, the team works to solve the problem -- Medical treats the injured Zaika, Arex and Cameron cause feedback loops which short out some of the hijacked systems, and Sandiago, Sullivan, and Monroe break into a locked-down control center and disable the hijacker, a tightlipped man of a race the Odyssey has not yet encountered.

EPISODE 111: "Pack Animals" (5 October 2010)

View chatlogThe crew meets up with a Traizina Zaika convoy on a Zaika trade route which will take them near to their next destination, Xent. As medical performs a routine department drill, engineering does repairs, and security goes over the Dystros mission, the ship rendezvouses with the convoy and all appears to be well until one of the Zaika ships reports engine trouble and then closes communication, beginning to maneuver wildly and fire with apparent randomness. A garbled comm suggests that the ship has been compromised by a sabateur, and the Odyssey begins preparations to send an Engineering team, with Security and Medical, to investigate.

EPISODE 110: "Heavy Weather: Part III" (28 September 2010)

View chatlogThe team stranded on Dystros is reunited when Cameron, O'Callaghan, Monroe, and Arex manage to launch the shuttle and steer it safely to the Kelvan ruins. Meanwhile, Valerian, Sandiago, and Swift discover a brood of small feline creatures nesting in a corner of the ruins -- inadvertantly angering the brood's mother, which attacks the away team and is eventually subdued by use of a Kelvan medical laser found by Kavur.

EPISODE 109: "Heavy Weather: Part II" (21 September 2010)

View chatlogThe Odyssey team stranded on Dystros continues their investigations and repair work. Valerian, Sandiago, Kavur, Miller, Stenton, and Swift reach the Kelvan facility which had been appearing sporadically on sensors and break through the rusted-over security system to find that the facility appears heavily used but abandoned. Cameron, O'Callaghan, Arex, and Sullivan continue work on the downed shuttle, harnessing the energy of the planet's electrical storms as power for the damaged craft.

EPISODE 108: "Heavy Weather" (14 September 2010)

View chatlogA team from the Odyssey travels by shuttle to investigate the planet Dystros, rumored to have been held by the Kelvan during their reign in Andromeda. The planet suffers from harsh summer storms which buffet the shuttle, and eventually a lightning strike forces them to crash-land with damage to propulsions and comms. While Cameron, Monroe, and O'Callaghan, guarded by Sullivan, work to fix the shuttle and re-establish contact with the Odyssey, Valerian, Sandiago, Stewart, Kavur, Stenton, and Swift move off to pursue the lead on a Kelvan structure in the jungle for which they originally meant to land.

EPISODE 107: "Trailblazing" (7 September 2010)

View chatlogThe Odyssey returns to Taigran Station, where Sandiago, Sullivan, and Stenton reopen contact with the Serric named Dyrran, who refers them to two planets whose legends suggest previous presence of Kelvan in their systems, as places to begin the Odyssey's search. Meanwhile, Engineering purchases supplies from the station and Medical arranges for the release from sickbay of the slaves who they released from the grip of the Arkusian slave technology.

EPISODE 106: "Jailbreak" (31 August 2010)

View chatlogThe Odyssey, fired upon by Arkusian patrols while trying to retrieve enslaved Federation officers, makes a last-ditch effort to send a team of Security and Engineering down to the planet while the Odyssey provides a distraction in space. Just as the Odyssey's shields fail, the team completes its mission and is retrieved and the Odyssey warps out to lick its wounds.

EPISODE 105: "Buyers and Sellers" (17 August 2010)

View chatlogThe Odyssey is escorted into orbit of Arkusia with the intention of posing as slave-buyers; a security scan performed by the Arkusians brings their attention onto the slaves already being held and treated in sickbay; identifying them as property of the Arkusian government, they demand the slaves' return. Attempts to avoid the necessity of returning or buying the Federation officers backfire and the security ships in orbit charge weapons, sensing an attempted scam.

EPISODE 104: "Our Good Name" (10 August 2010)

View chatlogT'Ren and Stenton accompany the Zaika princess to reunite with her people on Taigran station; Lukan accepts their innocence in the affair and inquires as to who was responsible for her kidnapping if not the Federation. Hearing of the mostly chip-controlled crew of the Pallas, he identifies the race responsible -- Arkusian slavers, the primary buyers and sellers of slave labor in the Verge. Eastwood nails down a potential home base planet for this race and the Odyssey prepares to depart and investigate.

Valerian and Kavur discuss possible methods for removing the control chips from the Pallas crew, and Engineering and Science continue learning about the alien technology dumped in their lap via the upgraded Stormchaser.

EPISODE 103: "Pallas: Part III" (3 August 2010)

View chatlogSecurity captures the escaping human prisoner from the pirate crew of the hijacked Stormchaser Pallas; he is highly agitated and hostile, gives them no sign of recognition, and while being treated in sickbay does not even know his name in response to a question from Sullivan.

Kavur and T'Ren also welcome the Traizina Zaika princess aboard the ship, Engineering and Swift continue investigating the upgrades made to the Pallas, and the ship sets course to return to Taigran station.

EPISODE 102: "Pallas: Part II" (27 July 2010)

View chatlogThe Odyssey's crew investigates the rogue Stormchaser shuttlecraft Pallas (and the alien crew which appropriated her) whom they captured and disabled last week. Medical remove the Traizina Zaika princess, who appears to have been drugged, from the shuttle and bring her back to consciousness in sickbay; Engineering and Eastwood investigate the upgrades to the Pallas which the salvagers appear to have made to it. Security deals with the salvagers themselves, some of whom appear to be human wearing tattered Fleet shirts; one of those humans wakes up from his stunning but, on being approached by Sandiago, tenses and then bolts to escape the shuttlebay.

EPISODE 101: "Pallas" (20 July 2010)

View chatlogThe Odyssey tracks down and disables the Federation runabout Pallas, believed missing in action some weeks before and now being used by unknown agents in the kidnapping of a member of the Traizina Zaika royalty. The disabled shuttle is brought aboard where its crew (which includes several humans in beat-up Federation attire) is quelled by security.

EPISODE 100: "Let My People Go" (13 July 2010)

View chatlogAs Wolfe, Sandiago, Stenton, and Monroe make their case for the release of Valerian, Miller, and Cameron, the latter three make their escape from their Traizina Zaika holding area and are beamed back by the Odyssey. The Traizina Zaika king, Lukan, is not pleased but accepts Wolfe's team's assertion that they have a common enemy.

Meanwhile, T'Ren, Eastwood, Stewart, and O'Callaghan ponder the possibility of tracking down and capturing the rogue shuttle impersonating Federation officers, and Kavur speaks with Sullivan in sickbay.

EPISODE 99: "Traizina Zaika" (6 July 2010)

View chatlogValerian and Cameron communicate with their captors, the Traizina Zaika, and get access to their medical facilities to treat Miller, who is having an adverse reaction to the sedative used to capture them. Meanwhile, Sullivan disobeys orders and skulks on the station while the crew on the Odyssey receive a communication indicating that the Traizina Zaika believe them responsible for an attack on and kidnapping of the nomadic clan's "princess." Investigation of sensor logs provided by the Traizina Zaikia indicates that the attack was in fact perpetrated by a missing-in-action shuttle originally from the former Federation vessel USS Athena, which was destroyed at the Kelvan Gate Battle.

EPISODE 98: "Into the Breach" (29 June 2010)

View chatlogRelations with the Free Species Alliance have broken down; much of the Andromeda Task Force has withdrawn from the galaxy back to the Milky Way; the remaining ships have formed a foothold at the Keep with the exception of the Odyssey, which is being sent into the Verge in pursuit of an ancient Kelvan weapons platform.

On a tip from the Serric named Terrynt, their first stop is a trading station called Taigran three days into the Verge. Attempts to make contact with another Serric residing there are interrupted when Valerian, Cameron, and Miller are with little fanfare knocked out and abducted from their respective locations.

This episode begins Season 5 of Star Trek: Andromeda.


EPISODE 97: "In Good Faith: Part II" (8 June 2010)

View chatlogThe Odyssey crew's investigations into the dig site on Essep continue; Monroe, Stewart, and Swift find an upturned power generator which seems to connect to the facility being explored below them. Their attempts to activate it lead to a massive overload which blows out the facility altogether; the team is forced to abandon the planet in emergency beamout.

EPISODE 96: "In Good Faith" (1 June 2010)

View chatlogThe Odyssey investigates the dig site on Essep; an attempt to reactivate controls in the discovered underground facility causes a short which causes damage across the entire dig site.

EPISODE 95: "Drifter" (25 May 2010)

View chatlogThe Odyssey, en route to pick up Lt. Commander Kingsley, encounters a drifting Alurian freighter which does not answer hails or alter course to avoid collision; closer inspection reveals that the ship is entirely empty, though it shows signs of recent habitation.

EPISODE 94: "Tremors: Part III" (18 May 2010)

View chatlogThe Odyssey's crew continues to investigate the deterioration of the Torani colony world. Sullivan, Monroe, and Valerian, trapped in a collapsing facility on the surface, are extricated by Stewart, Cameron, and Graffas. Meanwhile, Sandiago and Swift insinuate their way into the moon-based fail-safe facility to jump-start the planet's core again.

EPISODE 93: "Tremors: Part II" (11 May 2010)

View chatlogThe Odyssey's crew investigates the disintegrating Torani colony world. A team dispatched to the planet to set up scans on its core discover a collapsing facility, still powered, in which Valerian, Monroe, and Sullivan end up trapped. On the moon, another team works with Torani refugees.

EPISODE 92: "Tremors" (4 May 2010)

View chatlogThe USS Odyssey accompanies the damaged Torani vessel back to its home planet, a colony world, apparently terraformed sometime in the past, which is suffering from major geologic upheaval to the point that it is becoming uninhabitable.

EPISODE 91: "Back in Business" (27 April 2010)

View chatlogThe USS Odyssey-C, Venture-class, successfully launched from dock at Andromeda Station, begins explorations along the edge of the Verge and encounters a damaged freighter, of relatively unsophistocated design and unfamiliar provenance (a planet or locale called "Torani"), which has suffered an attack and requests their assistance.

EPISODE 90: "Ship of the Line" (20 April 2010)

View chatlogThe USS Odyssey-C, Venture-class, launches with appropriate pomp and circumstance (and a little appropriate revelry) from Andromeda Station.

EPISODE 89: "Drop Off" (13 April 2010)

View chatlogThe Odyssey's crew returns to Andromeda Station where they are reunited with the rest of their surviving crewmates (and some new ones) and are placed into temporary quarters there while awaiting news of their next assignment.

EPISODE 88: "Pickup" (6 April 2010)

View chatlogSome of the uninjured crew of the destroyed Odyssey grab passage back to Federation facilities aboard an Alurian salvage freighter. Discovering that it has, among other things, picked up salvage from the Odyssey, they hunt for and find the intact core of the Odyssey's computer system and AI, Penelope. They also stir up some animosity from the salvage crew, who are annoyed at having the Federation, who they view as responsible for much of the chaos in Andromeda lately, prying around in their goods.

EPISODE 87: "Adrift" (30 March 2010)

View chatlogThe Odyssey's stranded crew deals with their situation. Sandiago and Sullivan work on securing the area of their crash; Dresari works on salvaging supplies; Lucindak is reunited with her sister and, along with Kingsley, checks on Wolfe who is finding it hard to rest from the crash; Valerian and Grafas treat a traumatized and ill Monroe after Cameron brings her to them, and Miller, Stewart, and Swift construct a makeshift radio with which they are able to contact a salvage freighter in the area.

EPISODE 86: "Warpath: Part II" (23 March 2010)

View chatlogThe Odyssey and her assembled task force enters into battle with the gate structure and fleet assembled by Hyperion and his supporters; the task force is quickly overwhelmed by the Progenitor numbers and destruction seems imminent. As the gate begins to power up and the task force begins to crumble, Andrews calls for the crew to abandon ship and then steers the ship himself on a collision course with the gate, destroying both the facility and the Odyssey.

The resulting blast scrambles the systems of all ships within range, and the Odyssey's escape pods and shuttles crash-land on a nearby planet.

EPISODE 85: "Warpath" (16 March 2010)

View chatlogThe Odyssey completes last minute preparations and repairs as it travels to do battle at Hyperion's stronghold located earlier; however, a kink is nearly thrown into the works when a Jovian extremist finds his way into the ship and tries to interfere with its operations.

EPISODE 84: "Progendar" (9 March 2010)

View chatlogThe Odyssey activates its "Progenitor sonar" in search of the location of the stronghold of the rogue Progenitor Hyperion. However, the overpowered ping signal causes cascading power shorts all over the ship, leading to a near-failure of the warp core which is averted at the last minute.

EPISODE 83: "Keep-ing It Real" (2 March 2010)

View chatlogThe Odyssey travels to the Keep to begin making preparations for combatting the rogue Progenitor Hyperion and his plot (in cahoots with Starfleet's Admiral Cain) to bring back the Kelvan and take over Andromeda. Andrews, Wolfe, Lucindak, and Kingsley meet with representatives from the FSA and Endari Empire and convince them to form a joint force, led by Ratec'Midic, to help Starfleet against the threat. Eastwood, Valerian, Dresari, and Sandiago, travel to the Library area on the Keep to obtain the support of the Progenitor AIs residing there. Stewart, Cameron, and Swift, with a visit from Graffas, work on reverse-engineering a sonar pulse, dubbed "Progendar" by Cameron, to help the Odyssey determine the location of Hyperion's stronghold.

EPISODE 82: "Delving" (23 February 2010)

View chatlogThe Odyssey continues in orbit of the Alurian colony; Eastwood interrogates one of the prisoners and extracts the identity of the "Shadow Buyer" from him -- the missing Progenitor Hyperion -- while a team of engineers investigate the probe obtained from the firefight in the spaceport and determine evidence to back this up; it is of Progenitor design.

EPISODE 81: "Prisoner Pickup" (16 February 2010)

View chatlogThe teams continue their investigations on the Alurian colony world. Eastwood, Valerian, Cameron, and Swift bring their prisoner back to the Odyssey, then bring the shuttle back to support Wolfe, Dresari, Sandiago, and Lucindak, who in tracing the probe which the crew followed from Zerin, find and capture three people inside the ship, apparently religious zealots who call themselves the "prosthelytized" and launch a failed attempt to attack their visitors.

EPISODE 80: "In Pursuit: Part II" (9 February 2010)

View chatlogTwo teams descend into the main city of the Alurian colony to which they have traced the probe launched on Zerin. One team investigates ships matching the description of the merchant vessel which picked up the probe while science works from the ship to help triangulate its position, and the other captures a suspicious man in the spaceport crowds who seems to be watching them.

EPISODE 79: "In Pursuit" (2 February 2010)

View chatlogThe Odyssey pursues the probe launched by the hulk on Zerin before its self-destruct, reaching a planet currently occupied by an Alurian colony; they arrive just in time to witness the probe being picked up by an Alurian freighter (of a common class) as it descends into the atmosphere. Two teams are dispatched to the planet's surface to locate the vessel or the probe it captured.

EPISODE 78: "Going Viral: Part III" (26 January 2010)

View chatlogThe Odyssey continues investigating the viral plague on Zerin. Wolfe, Dresari, Sandiago, Graffas, and Cameron travel to the site of a crashed alien spaceship and find traces of the virus in its cargo hold -- along with a holographic message from someone who claims to be called the "Shadow Buyer" and to have Conglomerate connections. The crashed hulk then explodes, injuring the team. Dresari sustains critical lung damage and his environmental suit is ruptured but Medical, in treating him, discovers that his body contains a natural immunity to the Zerin plague and is fighting the disease; as a result, a cure may be found.

Meanwhile, the crew still on the Odyssey track a probe released by the alien ship, at speeds higher than Federation tech can attain, just before it exploded; they send a Fox- class destroyer after it while the planetside crew finish up their work and treatment.

EPISODE 77: "Going Viral: Part II" (19 January 2010)

View chatlogThe Odyssey continues investigating the viral plague on Zerin. Andrews and Dresari coordinate supply deliveries by engineering while medical works with local officials to begin treating the disease. When it becomes apparent that they are only treating symptoms, and not the cause, a team consisting of Wolfe, Dresari, Sandiago, Grafas, and Cameron departs to investigate the alien crash site which coincided with the beginning of the plague's spread. Meanwhile, Night and Monroe find a Zerin engineer driven mad by the chaos, who takes them to a makeshift laboratory and nearly traps them there while attempting to share technology.

EPISODE 76: "Going Viral" (12 January 2010)

View chatlogThe Odyssey receives a distress call from the Zerin, a recently post-warp race which is suffering from a worldwide viral plague outbreak, the result of a crashlanding by a passing cargo ship two months before. The crew goes down to provide medical and technical assistance.

EPISODE 75: "Back on Board" (5 January 2010)

View chatlogThe Odyssey's crewmembers return shipboard and prepare to depart New Eden, while discussing the recent Progenitor goings on and beginning a project to reverse-engineer Odin's giant suit for use by a Federation officer for EVA.


EPISODE 74: "Ancient Questions" (15 December 2009)

View chatlogThe Odyssey approaches orbit of New Eden. Miller, Cameron, and Stewart work on preparing elements of the computer core for shutdown and refit. Medical discusses upcoming leave and welcomes aboard a new Ensign, Caileigh McKei, who receives her physical at the hands of Graffas. Swift and Sandiago deal with the continued presence of Odin aboard the ship. Andrews, Wolfe, Eastwood, and Valerian discuss the potential actions to be taken regarding the help Odin might be able to give them in activating the time gate.

EPISODE 73: "Welcome Aboard" (8 December 2009)

View chatlogThe Odyssey leaves orbit of Renasia en route to New Eden with Odin, who undergoes a physical from Graffas in sickbay under the watchful eye of Sandiago, and discusses with Valerian more of the history of Hyperion and the possible uses of the New Eden gate, if reactivated, in finding Kronus's past self to repair his damaged AI on the Keep.

Meanwhile, Stewart, Monroe, and Swift investigate Odin's huge robotic suit in the shuttlebay, Miller, Night, and Dresari work on preparations for a refit period during the New Eden stopover, and Andrews and Eastwood debate Odin's trustworthiness.

EPISODE 72: "Odin: Part II" (1 December 2009)

View chatlogThe team speaks to the Progenitor whom they have found beneath the surface of Renasia; he calls himself Odin and proves to be the first living breathing example of the race whom the crew has yet encountered. He provides some (typically roundabout) insight into the Progenitor's history, particularly that of a particular Guardian named Hyperion, who attempted to betray the Progenitors to the Kelvan, of a structure called the Ark, which was to be a "fallout shelter" for the Progenitors and their creations in the event of catastrophic war, and of the "hypergates." Furthermore, he offers to travel with the Odyssey crew to New Eden in order to assist them in activating the Guardian Gate there.

EPISODE 71: "Odin" (17 November 2009)

View chatlogA team from the Odyssey investigates the area on Renasia where they detected signs of a Progenitor installation housing a creature known as Odin. The landscape around the Progenitor signature is torn up and damaged jungle; further tracing the signature leads to a cave which travels deep underground into a huge mountain cavern containing Progenitor equipment. The team investigates the equipment, setting off some systems which attract the cavern's occupant -- a huge robotic form.

((The chatlog for this episode was lost.))

EPISODE 70: "Making Inquiries: Part II" (10 November 2009)

View chatlogAs Andrews and Eastwood return to the Odyssey, the remainder of the crew pursues inquiries into the "Odin" of whom they heard when they first arrived on Renasia. Night and Cameron investigate a ship hangar where they encounter technology which displays Progenitor signatures; Graffas investigates a hospital where some of the techniques being used seem oddly out of sync with the planet's post-warp status. Valerian and Swift talk to a native who instructs them in the location of Odin somewhat outside the city. Wolfe and Miller scan the planet from above, localizing traces of a Progenitor facility in the same location.

EPISODE 69: "Making Inquiries" (3 November 2009)

View chatlogThe Odyssey, having departed from the smuggler's station where they captured a Kalatian pirate, sends a team to the surface of Renasia II, where they encounter a civilization, just post-warp, engaging in a ritual sacrifice ceremony in the center of a city. They speak to one of the Renasians at the ceremony and hear mention of a "he" whom the Renasians seem to respect -- the UT renders it first as the "Lord in the jungle" and then as "Odin."

Andrews and Eastwood depart to make investigations at Draynar; Sandiago and K'Peck interrogate their piratical prisoner, who says that Admiral Cain of the USS Acheron (along with his Vulcan XO) conspired, in association with a figure called the "Shadow Buyer," to pay the pirate crew to make the recent attack on Andrews' captain's yacht.

EPISODE 68: "Unexpected" (27 October 2009)

View chatlogThe away team continues to investigate the smuggler's hideout and, while incognito, encounters a team from the USS Acheron, led by Admiral Cain's XO, Commander Syral, a Vulcan who speaks to a team of Kalatian pirates who ask her for payment; she responds that they reneged on an agreement because "only the doctor was killed" and refuses to pay. A brawl begins and the Odyssey team, having overheard this conversation, attempts to capture Syral and the pirates; Syral manages to escape but the Kalatian captain is taken, though K'Peck is injured in the process.

EPISODE 67: "Undercover" (20 October 2009)

View chatlogThe Odyssey sends a team to infiltrate the smuggler's station which they discovered while tracing the pirates who attacked Andrews's yacht and killed Monroe. They dock at the station and make contact with the somewhat unsavory denizens, tracing leads on the identity of the attackers. Commander Wolfe speaks to an Alurian captain who references a "Shadow Buyer" and links him both to the Conglomerate and to a ship which is seen decloaking to dock at the smuggler's base -- a Federation ship. USS Acheron, NCC-92831.

EPISODE 66: "Pursuit: Part II" (13 October 2009)

View chatlogThe Odyssey receives information from its scoutships as to the destination of their mysterious pirate attackers, a large station in a dangerous and possibly artificial nebula some distance away. Andrews, Wolfe, Eastwood, and Sandiago make plans to send over an undercover team to investigate the facility. Dresari, Miller, and Swift work on getting better scans of the nebula in order to negotiate the team in. Night is injured in a system malfunction in Engineering and is treated by Graffas, Valerian and Kingsley discuss Chief Monroe, and KPeck trains a young security officer in the holodeck.

EPISODE 65: "Pursuit" (6 October 2009)

View chatlogEngineering and Science scan the debris from one of the attacking pirate ships and finds that its propulsion systems contain a unique deuterium isotope which can be traced by its decay rate. Meanwhile, Sickbay begins getting back to normal and Cameron and Sandiago undergo physicals.

EPISODE 64: "Random Acts of Violence" (29 September 2009)

View chatlogWhile returning from their honeymoon to the Odyssey, which is wrapping up its refits and shore leave at Omara III, Andrews and Monroe are attacked by unidentified ships who damage the captain's yacht and injure Monroe mortally. Andrews brings her back to the Odyssey where she is taken to sickbay; Valerian and Graffas operate on her and transfer her symbiont to Tigan's body before she dies.

Meanwhile, the Odyssey, through hard work in Engineering, manages to throw off her refit umbilicals in record time and gives chase to the attacking pirates; one of them cloaks but the other, partially damaged, is surrounded by the Odyssey, one of the Fox-class cruisers and some fighters. Andrews, furious at Monroe's death, attempts to go in guns blazing; Wolfe and Eastwood argue for taking prisoners but the delay gives the pirate ship time to self-destruct itself. Andrews temporarily relieves himself of duty and the Odyssey sets off in pursuit of the other escaped pirate ship.

EPISODE 63: "Omara" (22 September 2009)

View chatlogThe Odyssey enters orbit of Omara III, a warp capable resort planet and site of a Federation research camp. Some of the crew visit planetside, chatting with each other, the local populace, and the Federation scientists, while others assist as the Odyssey undergoes refit work. Eastwood discovers a lead in the continuing search for a Section 31 spy aboard the Odyssey. Captain Andrews and Commander Monroe tie the knot in a ceremony on New Eden.

EPISODE 62: "Intervention" (15 September 2009)

View chatlogDresari and Sandiago infiltrate the Conglomerate atmospheric generators responsible for pumping the mist drug into the Prisk atmosphere. They disable its shield generators and the Odyssey is able to beam them out before performing an orbital assault on the generator installations, destroying them. Monroe, Valerian, Swift, and Tigan detonate six probes containing concentrated amounts of mist antidote in the atmosphere in locations calculated to use the planet's natural high winds to saturate the atmosphere and eliminate the mist's hold. Takahashi and Cameron use their reverse-engineered probe to hack into the Conglomerate station in the sector, extract partially corrupted/encrypted data from its computers, and then force it to self-destruct.

EPISODE 61: "Storm Center" (8 September 2009)

View chatlogMonroe discovers a positive antidote to the 'mist' addiction and administers it to Wolfe, Valerian, and Eastwood. Miller, Night, and Cameron send their re-engineered Conglomerate drone successfully past the local Conglomerate station's defense forces and establish a successful link with the station itself. Dresari and Sandiago take a Stormchaser to the surface of Prisk and discover four huge generator structures in the storm centers of the equator which are pumping mist into the planet's atmosphere.

EPISODE 60: "Investigations: Part III" (1 September 2009)

View chatlogWolfe, Valerian, and Eastwood, now definitely suffering withdrawal symptoms, convince Andrews to allow them to take a diluted form of mist in order to remain functional while seaching for a more effective cure. Andrews sends Dresari, Sandiago, and KPeck to the surface of Prisk to search in the storm-battered equatorial region for the atmospheric generators which result in the dissemination of the mist in the Prisk air. Miller, Night, Takahashi, and Cameron launch their reprogrammed sucker drone in the direction of the Conglomerate station.

EPISODE 59: "Investigations: Part II" (25 August 2009)

View chatlogWolfe, Eastwood, and Valerian, having been on Prisk for over 24 hours searching for potential Prisk volunteers, find their behavior starting to degenerate into unprofessional, mellow, silly, nervously energetic, and otherwise inappropriate. They are beamed back to the ship and sedated in sickbay after their Prisk acquaintances reveal, and Monroe discovers, that they have become addicted to "mist" through quantities of it in the atmosphere.

Night and Miller lead Takahashi, Stewart, and Cameron in continuing to reverse-engineer the Conglomerate sucker-drone, and manage to develop a propulsion control system for it.

EPISODE 58: "Investigations" (18 August 2009)

View chatlogThe Odyssey continues in orbit of Prisk investigating possible responses to the Conglomerate threat. Wolfe, Valerian, and Eastwood, monitored by Monroe and Lucindak, travel planetside and begin recruiting potential "volunteers" for a covert assault on the nearby Conglomerate-held station. Miller, Stewart, Night, Hunter, Cameron, Swift, and Shaakath work on reverse-engineering one of the Conglomerate sucker probes. Andrews and Dresari attempt to get a feel for the defenses of the station by sending several stealth probes into its vicinity (most of which are promptly destroyed).

EPISODE 57: "Viewpoints" (11 August 2009)

View chatlogThe Odyssey crew debates possible responses to the new threat of the Conglomerate and decides to send a team to make contacts among the Priska population while the science and engineering departments work on a drone probe to send out in pursuit of new data and plans are made for a possible covert assault on the station holding the Priska technology hijacked by the Conglomerate.


EPISODE 56: "Prisk: Part II" (21 July 2009)

View chatlogAndrews, Eastwood, Night, Parinas, and Hunter meet with the Priska commandant to discuss possible ways to take on the station where the Priska's hijacked AI technology is being kept. Meanwhile, Wolfe, Monroe, Valerian, Stewart, Lucindak, Shadowfox, KPeck, Swift, and Shaakath travel planetside to investigate Priska culture. However, while enroute to a medical center in the Priska capital, the team encounters a violently ill Priska native whom their guide encourages not to help because "he can't afford the mist." When they persist in helping him anyway, the team is attacked by a shadowy group of four humanoids, who incapacitate them, hijack the Odyssey's communication systems, and transmit an image of the incapacitated planetside team to the shipboard crew, along with a cryptic warning to stop meddling in the Verge and in the business of "the conglomerate." They then disappear, leaving the team injured and shaken.

EPISODE 55: "Prisk: Part I" (7 July 2009)

View chatlogThe Odyssey arrives at the planet Prisk, home of the freighter which it earlier rescued from the robotic pirate drone ships. A team beams down to Prisk and interacts with one of its representatives, Stepan, who greets them with gratitude for their help and asks for further assistance in destroying the controls for the robotic AIs of the attacking ships, which were constructed by the Priska and then taken from them. Meanwhile, a team of Priska engineers comes aboard the Odyssey to assist in repairs; they are eager to help but somewhat dim and definitely awed by the technology and scope of the ship.

EPISODE 54: "Uncharted" (30 June 2009)

View chatlogThe Odyssey responds to a distress call from an unknown source and attempts to rescue a cargo ship being destroyed by several larger enemies. The attacking ships turn on the Odyssey, releasing hundreds of tiny drone ships which latch onto the Odyssey's shields and begin to suck the ship's power. Wolf and Johnson battle them in fighters while Engineering, Science, and the bridge crew work on ways to disable them, eventually clearing them with an electromagnetic pulse which also blows out many of the Odyssey's systems. Medical's new pet temporarily roams free as a result and injures Valerian. A sister ship of the rescued freighter arrives and its commander thanks the Odyssey's crew and invites them back to their homeworld for repairs.

EPISODE 53: "Specter" (23 June 2009)

View chatlogTwo teams of Odyssey crew members travel to the wreckage of the "rogue specter" squid-ships. One team examines the technological aspects of the ships, learning that they contain Progenitor technology. The other encounters a life-form, an extension of the ship's biological components, which is highly acidic and latches onto Monroe's biosuit; it is incapacitated and taken back, along with a dead sample, to the Odyssey for study.

EPISODE 52: "Multiple Angles" (16 June 2009)

View chatlogA team consisting of Monroe, Eastwood, Shadowfox, Hunter, Moore, and Rachel Swift infiltrates the alien "rogue specter" squid-ship; they are able to penetrate the biological core of the ship and infect it with a virus, which causes the ship to spiral out of control and lose its grip on the Odyssey, which blasts it apart.

In the Progenitor lab, Miller gains some control access to the Progenitor weapon by providing it with a sample of her blood; Night and the others are then able to divert enough power from the weapon to prevent its fire from reaching the Odyssey or the specter. However, the process is not completely successful, as some of the diverted power overloads its feedback circuits and causes something of an electrical storm inside the control room. Several crew are injured.

Surface-side, Wolfe, Dresari, and Parinas (who was injured in their shuttle's crash) are able to make contact with one of the other ships in the Odyssey's taskforce, the Aegis-class USS Hera, which sends one of its own shuttles to pick them up.

EPISODE 51: "Pit Crew: Part II" (9 June 2009)

View chatlogThe away team stranded in the Veramen crater splits into two teams. One, led by Commander Miller pursues options as to shutting down, weakening, or otherwise disabling the Progenitor weapon aimed at the "Specter" ship menacing the Odyssey (which would, if fired, destroy the Odyssey as well). The other, led by Commander Wolfe, attempts to take the Stormchaser shuttle back to the surface to warn the Odyssey; they are intercepted by further mining operations from the Specter ship and are thrown out of the hole and crash with systems disabled.

Shipside, the remaining command crew decides to send a strike force into the Specter ship in an attempt to administer a disabling virus to its biological components.

EPISODE 50: "Pit crew" (2 June 2009)

View chatlogWolfe, Miller, Stewart, Valerian, Lucindak, Parinas, Night, Dresari, Swift, T'Paura and Shaakath take a Stormchaser shuttlecraft back down into the Veramen crater, finding it cleansed of radiation, presumably by the AI which spoke to them a day earlier. They are not contacted by the voice in the caverns this time, but instead discover a huge Progenitor city structure beneath the rock and encounter a VI named Tau who informs them that the structure is actually a laboratory, a "genetic foundry." After some further questions, they instruct him to transport them to the main foundry core.

Meanwhile, Andrews passes the time on the ship until one of the mysterious leviathan ships returns to the system. It does not fire on the Federation ships in the area, except for destroying one Newton-class which fires on it, but remains in position between the Odyssey and the surface, cutting off the planetside team's return route.

EPISODE 49: "Chaos Theory" (26 May 2009)

View chatlogA team consisting of Wolfe, Miller, Dresari, Night, Parinas, and Wolf takes a Stormchaser into the radiation-soaked crater left on Veramen by the mysterious attacking leviathan ships. They find caverns nearly 10 km underground and begin to investigate but encounter still-active technology and something which speaks directly into their minds, calling them "Reclaimers" and instructing them to return in one day, as it is "not ready." They are repelled by a mysterious force back to the top of the crater and decide to return at the specified time after reporting in.

Andrews, Monroe, Stewart, Valerian, Lucindak, Eastwood, and Leary, who have been working surface-side on recovery efforts, are caught in a violent protest by Etaurians who dislike or distrust the presence of the aliens on their planet. During the protest a grenade is thrown at the team, which goes off, injuring Lieutenant Leary. The team manages to get to safety aboard the Nightingale and the riot is quelled, but not before Leary dies from the injuries she has sustained.

Dr. Swift meets the civilian teams returning to the Odyssey and converses with two newly assigned members, Ambassador T'Paura and Dr. Shaakath.

EPISODE 48: "Below the Battalion" (19 May 2009)

View chatlogA team consisting of Takahashi, Valerian, Eastwood, Night, Leary, Dresari, Parinas, and Swift travels to the planet below the crushed Starfleet battlegroup and find that it was decimated by the mysterious alien attackers; they are located by the pre-warp civilization residing there, the Etaurians, and make peaceful contact.

Meanwhile, the captain leads a tactical training scenario on the bridge.

EPISODE 47: "Cavalry" (5 May 2009)

View chatlogWolfe, Stewart, Valerian, Eastwood, Night, Parinas, Wolf, and KPeck take a Stormchaser-class runabout to do reconnaissance at the site of the attack on the Andromeda battlegroup and arrive to find massive hulks of the Federation ships, a partially decimated planet, and two enormous alien vessels, the attackers, which bear Progenitor resemblances but have never been seen by the Federation before. The alien ships warp out without spotting the Stormchaser, so the Odyssey warps in and begins the recovery of the survivors.

EPISODE 46: "Roll Out" (28 April 2009)

View chatlogThe Odyssey departs from orbit around Oridian, testing to make sure that its newly installed refit upgrades are holding together well and getting their new crew, including ASEC Ensign Willliam K'Peck and AENG Ensign Zack Moore, settled in. Everything is going smoothly until the ship receives a distress call from the Excelsior and the battlegroup they are to rendezvous with; the fleet is under attack by an unknown adversary. The Odyssey increases pace to investigate.

EPISODE 45: "Give Me a Break: Part II" (21 April 2009)

View chatlogThe Odyssey's crew, having conquered the evil menace of netsplits, continues their shore leave in the Oridian system while the ship undergoes refits with a Forge-class.

EPISODE 44: "Give Me a Break" (14 April 2009)

View chatlogThe crew takes shore leave and refit/repairs at Oridian II, a planet in the Verge. Their shore leave is rudely interrupted, however, by netsplits in the FSF IRC network, and will continue next week.

EPISODE 43: "Core of the Issue" (7 April 2009)

View chatlogWhile the Odyssey's crew is preparing for another explorational journey to the Poular'a planetoid, a sudden alien transporter kidnaps approximately a thousand of the crew and civilian populace, including Andrews, Valerian, Takahashi, Donte, Leary, and Swift. They are taken to a huge Progenitor structure where they finally find and converse with Heracles, the AI they have been searching for. Wolfe and the rest of the crew struggle through the ambient sensor interference to finally locate the missing crew inside the Poular'a star, which is actually an artifical Progenitor construct.

EPISODE 42: "Cleanup Crew" (31 March 2009)

View chatlogThe Odyssey's science and engineering teams, with the assistance of Eastwood, Dresari, and the air group, knock the massive fragment of lunar debris out of its collision course with the Poular'a homeworld.

EPISODE 41: "Quiet Space" (24 March 2009)

View chatlogThe Odyssey drops off a biosuited away team consisting of Wolfe, Miller, Takahashi, Eastwood, Valerian, Lucindak, and Swift on the small planetoid found in the "clearing" of the Icarus Nebula. There they encounter a humanoid race called the Poular'a, who seem to have expected their coming; they show little recognition for terms used by the Progenitors, such as "Reclaimer," but they know of the existence of Heracles and seem to revere him. Meanwhile, Andrews, Night, Dresari, and Stewart, along with Parinas and Wolf in their fighters, take the Odyssey to investigate the unstable red giant overshadowing the Poular'a planetoid -- it grows increasingly volatile as they scan it and eventually throws out a huge solar flare which sends out a shockwave, damaging the Odyssey and flooding the area with more radiation.

EPISODE 40: "Thick as Pea Soup" (17 March 2009)

View chatlogThe Odyssey enters the Icarus Nebula following the map given to them by Kazeo; the nebula is a navigational challenge because of gravimetric distortions, ambient radiation, and severe sensor interference. As the Odyssey proceeds further in, these problems grow more severe and begin to place severe strain on the Odyssey's power distribution and systems, threatening the crew with destruction or severe radiation poisoning in the event of shield failure. However, they are able to keep the ship together and navigate through the nebula until they are thrown into a clear area containing an aging star (the source of the radiation), a giant planet, and a nearly hidden tiny planetoid -- their destination.

EPISODE 39: "New Arrivals" (10 March 2009)

View chatlogAdmiral Martin Eastwood (father of Zachary Eastwood) arrives aboard the Odyssey with his wife and receives the grand tour, while Miller, Takahashi, Stewart, Valerian, Dresari, and Swift examine the data crystals provided to them by Kazeo. These spring to life under the examination and activate each other to create a starmap pointing towards a small planetoid in the Icarus Nebula, a likely starting point in their search for the Progenitor Heracles.

EPISODE 38: "Beneath the Legacy" (3 March 2009)

View chatlogA team from the Odyssey interacts with Kazeo in his lab and learns that the Progenitor AI Heracles returned from his travel to Earth several centuries before and took up residence in a nebula deep in the Verge. Eastwood attempts to access the half-active Progenitor computer architecture as Takahashi and Valerian converse with Kazeo.

EPISODE 37: "Retrieval" (24 February 2009)

View chatlogWolfe, Eastwood, Takahashi, and Leary, and Night take the USS Arctic Fox and a strike team of marines and join Parinas and Wolf at the hideout of the USS Odyssey NCC-1832, where after a short battle they disable the Constitution-class's shields and sensors and board her, disabling her crew and towing her back towards the Perception-class Odyssey. Meanwhile, Andrews, Dresari, Valerian, and Swift discover a Progenitor structure buried beneath the wreck of the Legacy which turns out to be the lab of the AI version of Kazeo, who explains some of the circumstances of the crash a hundred years ago.

EPISODE 36: "A Piece of the Past" (17 February 2009)

View chatlogAs Engineering completes their nacelle repairs, Kingsley and Lucindak discuss the political situation, Eastwood investigates the Legacy's mostly-intact computer core, and Valerian performs autopsies on some of its crew, the missing Constitution-class USS Odyssey appears in orbit as well. As her captain introduces himself, several of the old Odyssey's security team sneak past the Perception-class's security systems, incapacitate Hunter and Night, and make off with a warp core junction, disabling the Perception-class and disappearing. Odyssey's new CAG and squadron leader, Parinas and Wolf, pursue the older ship in fighters while the Perception-class scrambles to recover.

EPISODE 35: "On the Road Again" (10 February 2009)

View chatlogHunter and Donte wrestle the remaining damage to the Odyssey after the Jovian battle, including damage to the port nacelle which nearly causes a catastrophic breach before it is contained. Meanwhile, Takahashi, Eastwood, Valerian, Lucindak, Leary, and Swift explore the planet of Altera V, a heavily rainforested planet, where they discover the remains of a Constitution-class Federation ship half-buried in the wreckage of a crash from almost a hundred years ago.

EPISODE 34: "Operation Silent Retrieve" (3 February 2009)

View chatlogECW-equipped ships in the Andromeda task force take up a stealth presence in the Jovian-held nebula, supervising the insertion of a dropship containing Shadowfox, Leary, Valerian, and several marines. This team infiltrates the Jovian dreadnought and retrieves Miller and Takahashi from captivity. The Odyssey and the rest of the Andromeda fleet enter the nebula to cover the escape and retreat of the infiltration teams and, while taking damage, manage to retrieve the team safely and destroy the Jovian dreadnought.

EPISODE 33: "The Summit: Part II" (27 January 2009)

View chatlogMiller, Valerian, Takahashi, Dresari, and Swift continue investigations aboard the Keep; Takahashi undergoes a flash of memory from the Kazeo personality he holds, which gives him a glimpse of the "Heracles" they are searching for. Before they can follow up on the lead, several Jovians appear on the station, size up the team, and then kidnap Miller and Takahashi. At the same time, negotiations between the FSA and the Endari are interrupted when more Jovian extremists attack Andrews and shoot him in the stomach. Both teams return to the Odyssey, which gives chase to the escaping Jovian ship but temporarily loses them in a nebula.

EPISODE 32: "The Summit: Part I" (20 January 2009)

View chatlogThe conflict between the Endari and the Alurians has come to a stop. As such, the Endari dispatch an envoy to the Keep, and the Odyssey, along with Andrews and his crack team of diplomats, arrives to help mediate the proceedings -- starting with a friendly opening dinner over which the Federation, Alurian, and Endari representatives discuss the political future of their respective entities. Meanwhile, the science team is deployed back to the Keep to investigate Eve's knowledge of the gateway, revealing that Jamie has a very critical role to play in their quest to uncover the truth about the Progenitor plan and to find the AI responsible for controlling the Gateway.

EPISODE 31: "Revelations: Part II" (13 January 2009)

View chatlogWith just a day before their departure, a crack team of the Odyssey's engineers and scientist are called down to investigate a construct discovered on the surface of New Eden. After rendezvousing with the Starfleet Corps of Engineers liason, Ensign John David Hunter, the crew is shown an ancient progenitor transportation device that seems to be capable of transporting things across both space and time, acting as a doorway to -- theoretically -- any moment and any place in the history of the universe. However, the team is unable to discover how to operate the device and alter its temporal and spatial settings which are currently set to that very moment in time billions of light years from where the team is standing, on arid plains of Africa. Meanwhile, Eastwood and Andrews discuss the security risks the ship is facing given the amount of sensitive information they are dealing with as well as the steps that must be taken to ensure that information is protected; Monroe works with Lucindak to ready her for a journey back to the Keep to investigate the way Eve responds to a non-terran being from the Milky Way.

EPISODE 30: "Revelations: Part I" (6 January 2009)

View chatlogAfter two months of down time, the senior officers and their aids gather in the ship's ready room to discuss the revelations of the Valerian-Eastwood away mission. The crew acknowledges the possibility of security gaps and the potential threat this information and the technology presents should it fall into the wrong hands. With a plethora of things left to work on and discuss, Andrews is suddenly pulled out of the ready room - leaving the crew with a handful of orders and a mountain of mysteries left to be sorted throug


EPISODE 29: "The Stand: Part III" (16 December 2008)

View chatlogThe Endari fleet arrives at the Keep and the battle explodes; the Alliance fleet takes heavy damage. The Odyssey battles with the huge siege ship, which blows out a large chunk of the Odyssey's engineering hull; the crew sustains heavy casualties. Meanwhile, the team aboard the Keep solves the Librarian's riddle by providing the AI with the word "Sol" and some of Takahashi's blood, which proves him to be one of the "Reclaimers." The Keep folds up into a huge ship and activates its weaponry systems, which vaporize much of the Endari fleet, ending the battle.

EPISODE 28: "The Stand: Part II" (9 December 2008)

View chatlogEfforts continue to activate the Keep's dormant systems, with Leary, Stewart, Takahashi, and Miller attempting to communicate with the Librarian AI and convince it that they are the "Reclaimers" it seeks. Andrews, Wolfe, Riley, Eastwood, and Dresari continue tactical planning in the CIC, and Monroe and Valerian deal with the first "casualty" of the battle -- an exhausted engineer suffering from plasma burns after a slip.

EPISODE 27: "The Stand: Part I" (2 December 2008)

View chatlogThe Odyssey's new Marine Commander, Major Robert Shadowfox, and new Helm/Ops officer, Ensign Thomas Dresari, arrive to take their respective posts; Shadowfox confers with Andrews and Eastwood, while Dresari meets Wolfe and Kingsley, who also discusses plans for the upcoming battle with Lucindak. The Odyssey receives an encrypted audio transmission from the Serric leader Terrynt, who provides a packet of information on a secret Endari super-ship which could wipe out the Keep. Meanwhile, a team including Miller, Leary, Stewart, Takahashi, and Night works to begin fixing and energizing the Keep's powerful inactive systems, while Monroe and Valerian revive Riley and check on his alter ego's stored personality.

EPISODE 26: "Drums of War: Part II" (18 November 2008)

View chatlogThe Odyssey arrives at the Sanjed system and waits for several hours for the arrival of the Endari diplomatic corps, but they never arrive -- the Federation and Alurian ships are instead beset by an Endari sneak attack which destroys the Shadowolf and causes heavy damage to other Federation support craft before just as abruptly disappearing. The Odyssey tracks the Endari course and discovers that, having diverted some of the FSA defensive force, they are closing on the Keep. The Odyssey and company depart via slipstream to reach the Keep before the Endari. Meanwhile, Swift prepares to lead the civilian population's evacuation, and Riley's younger self commandeers a Valkyrie during the short battle.

EPISODE 25: "Drums of War: Part I" (11 November 2008)

View chatlogThe senior staff meets to discuss the increasing tension between the massing Endari and FSA powers and a planned meeting between the leaders of both sides aboard the Odyssey. Takahashi, Stewart, and Swift drink coffee, clean for company, and chat belowdecks.

EPISODE 24: "Discovery Squared" (4 November 2008)

View chatlogThe USS Excelsior, another Discovery-class ship, arrives with two other ships in Andromeda to supplement the fleet in the wake of rising tensions, bearing crewmen with ties to Lucindak's past and Wolfe's. Valerian and Monroe continue to work on Riley's mental problems.

EPISODE 23: "Abaddon" (28 October 2008)

View chatlogThe crew investigates the USS Abaddon, a science ship which has mysteriously ceased all communication with the rest of the fleet. A team consisting of Valerian, Leary, Miller, Stewart, Swift, and McCormick travels to the Abaddon and is trapped there after finding that the crew has been turned into zombies; Eastwood manages to disable their shields and beam the team off at the last second. Meanwhile, Monroe rearranges her department, Takahashi returns to light duty, and Wolfe discovers that Riley's return to normalcy was only temporary. Happy Halloween to our members!

EPISODE 22: "Rising Tensions" (21 October 2008)

View chatlogThe Odyssey battles and disables the Endari warbird in orbit of Detri V, but it self-destructs before they can learn anything from it. Doctor Valerian speaks to the possessed Lieutenant Takahashi and returns with him to the surface. Meanwhile the Away Team uses Penelope to temporarily break the AI's hold but not before it attempts to use Commander Riley in lieu of Jamie and knocks him unconscious.

EPISODE 21: "Let There Be Light" (14 October 2008)

View chatlogTakahashi continues to express dual personalities in sickbay and eventually articulates the voice of Kazeo, a self-proclaimed historian. The bridge crew is forced to go to red alert when an Endari warbird with a malfunctioning cloaking device suddenly appears in front of them with weapons charged. The team on the surface communicates with the power plant AI, which asks to speak to Jamie. When beaming him down proves impossible due to red alert, the AI traps the team behind forcefields.

EPISODE 20: "Giants in the Earth: Part II" (7 October 2008)

View chatlogValerian, Swift, and Hii attempt to extract Jamie from the dormant power plant, which seems to be using him to reactivate itself. Hii attempts a rescue by entering the light using a field generator to deflect some of the power stream. While the rescue succeeds, Hii is killed in the process when the strain of the power surges bursts his heart.

Meanwhile, Riley and Janus travel to the Shadowolf to assist in repairs.

EPISODE 19: "Giants in the Earth" (30 September 2008)

View chatlogAn away team consisting of Captain Andrews, Lt. Cmdr. Miller, Lt. Takahashi, Lt. Valerian, Ensign Leary, Ensign McCaffery, and Doctor Swift heads for Detri V to begin the descent into the underground city Andrews and Valerian discovered. Meanwhile, an antimatter resupply run goes awry due to a sensor malfunction, causing minor damage to the Odyssey and its supply ship, the USS Shadowolf.

EPISODE 18: "Pit Stop" (23 September 2008)

View chatlogThe crew takes shore leave on Detri V, a resort planet in the Verge, while the Odyssey works on shield repair and resupply. Wacky hijinks ensue.

EPISODE 17: "On a Knife's Edge" (16 September 2008)

View chatlogWolfe and Monroe are with difficulty coaxed into sickbay and the entire away team is, with varying levels of difficulty, brought back to survivable states. Hii, Wolfe, Monroe, and Miller return to duty. Meanwhile, the Odyssey has a standoff with the Endari, broken by the Serric, who communicate from the planet and indicate familiarity with the Endari, instructing the Federation crew not to interfere with Endari business in the system.

EPISODE 16: "Cold Comfort" (9 September 2008)

View chatlogThe away team makes it to the surface of Draynar and reestablishes contact with the Odyssey. However, they nearly freeze to death before they can be successfully retrieved. As they arrive back aboard, a pair of Endari warships decloak also in orbit of Draynar.

EPISODE 15: "In the Shadows" (2 September 2008)

View chatlogWolfe, Miller, Hii, Leary, and Blair travel to Draynar to being scientific surveys and are accosted by a pack of native creatures, huge dumb-brute canines. Blair is dragged off, but the others are rescued by a creature called Terrynt, who identifies his race as the Serric and their assailants as the Seraphal. He takes the team below ground to escape the Seraphal, where they are cut off from contact with the ship. Terrynt seems to know a great deal about the Federation, calling several of the team by name. Meanwhile, Riley and Andrews discuss the shield systems, Valerian and Takahashi work on the Trill Death Plague, Miller's fiance (Lt. Cmdr. Brian Kingsley) arrives on the Odyssey, and a crew of marines is dispatched after the missing away team. The USS Athena, an escort ship, also arrives, bearing an Admiral Cain who wishes to speak to Andrews.

EPISODE 14: "On the Verge" (26 August 2008)

View chatlogThe Odyssey, en route to the Verge, has a memorial service for the casualties lost in the battle with the Jovian extremists, the first deaths of the Andromeda mission. Members of the crew meet to talk and recover from their ordeal.

EPISODE 13: "Departure Delays" (19 August 2008)

View chatlogThe Odyssey undocks from the Keep in preparation to depart to explore the Verge, but before they can leave they are attacked by Jovian religious extremists who believe the arrival of the Odyssey heralds their apocalypse. The ship takes heavy damage before being rescued by Sky Marshal Ratec'Midic with an Alurian warbird. Meanwhile, Ensign Valerian and her merry band of medical NPCs fight through a difficult and dangerous surgical procedure to save the lives of Monroe and Lucindak.

EPISODE 12: "The Keep: Part III" (12 August 2008)

View chatlogThe science team continues their work at the Keep; Ensign Valerian's breakthroughs allow the team to access the more protected areas of the Archive's information storage. They begin downloading data and questioning the Librarian and its database. Meanwhile, Andrews, Monroe, and Lucindak conclude negotiations with the council, with the decision that representatives of each council race will accompany the Federation ships as a test of their good faith. The diplomatic team returns and Lucindak starts showing signs of Monroe's "illness."

EPISODE 11: "The Keep: Part II" (5 August 2008)

View chatlogThe science team begins to explore the Archives, a section of the Keep containing the records left by the Progenitors, but are struck frozen temporarily by "The Librarian," an AI which poses them a riddle, saying they must prove themselves worthy before they can access the Archives -- and gives them only a limited number of chances. Meanwhile, Monroe and Lucindak shop and explore the Keep's commercial section while Andrews deliberates with the Council.

EPISODE 10: "The Keep: Part I" (29 July 2008)

View chatlogThe Odyssey travels towards The Keep, accompanied by a member of the secretive "Guides" who assist them in reaching the giant Alliance space station. Andrews appears at the senior staff briefing looking uncharacteristically upset, but nevertheless gets his orders out -- a science team will deploy to the station to explore and learn more about it while the diplomatic team meets with the Council in an attempt to legitimize the Federation's presence in Andromeda. The ship arrives at the Keep and docks and the crew admires the ship before beginning preparations for the away team departures.

EPISODE 9: "New Q" (22 July 2008)

View chatlogThe Odyssey, accompanied by another Starfleet ships and several Alurian vessels, sets course for the station known as "The Keep," where they hope to establish contact with the other races of the Free Species Alliance. Life seems to be returning to normal until the crew is visited by a member of the Q Continuum who torments them, then departs, leaving behind a cryptic warning.

EPISODE 8: "Delegation" (15 July 2008)

View chatlogCaptain Andrews, Doctor Monroe, and Ensign Leary head once again for Aluria's surface and meet with the matriarch, Andi'Mroz, and the Alurian military commander, Ratec'Midic. The Alurians are mildly suspicious of the newcomers into their space, but agree to allow the Federation free travel for the moment, as well as an escort to the Keep, the large space station from which the Free Species Alliance governs. Meanwhile, life on the ship goes on as normal, and the science teams begin going through the immense data library provided to them by the Alurian government.

EPISODE 7: "Vanishing Act: Part II" (1 July 2008)

View chatlogWhile Andrews is interrogated and tortured, Wolfe manages to break a signal through to the Odyssey with the captain's commbadge. The crew determines that they are in a cavern beneath 300 m of rock and Lt. Riley decides to use the Odyssey's phaser banks to burn through enough rock to allow a team to beam through. Lt. Hii, Lt. Takahashi, and Ensign Leary beam through the rock and after a pitched battle manage to eliminate the Endari resistance in the hideout. While the Captain and Commander are beamed to sickbay, Takahashi begins work on equipment from the caves, but a security device causes them to disintegrate on a molecular level. The team returns to the ship and Monroe restores Andrews and Wolfe most of the way back to health.

EPISODE 6: "Vanishing Act: Part I" (24 June 2008)

View chatlogCaptain Andrews and Commander Wolfe, while exploring Aluria and waiting for their appointment to meet with the planet's governing council, mysteriously disappear in an area known as "The Pocket," a crime-ridden, sensor-impenetrable area which coincides with the Alurian market district. Chaos reigns on the bridge, Riley, Monroe, and Lucindak attempt to coordinate with the Alurian government, and Miller, Takahashi, and Swift begin working on breaking through the sensor interference.

EPISODE 5: "Welcoming Committee" (10 June 2008)

View chatlogThe Odyssey finally arrives at the outer edge of Andromeda and is immediately greeted by a group of alien Alurian freighters under attack by pirates and calling for aid. The Odyssey comes to their defense and takes damage before being backed up by several large Alurian warships who disperse and destroy the pirates, then contact the Odyssey and invite them to their planet, where Harper and the rest of the fleet already await.

EPISODE 4: "Shattered Wings: Part II" (3 June 2008)

View chatlogThe science team initializes its plan to communicate with the possible intelligence holding and draining the ship. Their call is answered as an energy being enters the bridge and attempts to possess the ship's counselor (who, unable to handle the energy, is killed) and then successfully communicates by occupying Commander Wolfe's body. Captain Andrews and Ensign Lucindak manage to make the situation clear the aliens, known as the Durcelins, who consume energy and meant no harm to the ship or its crew. The Durcelins agree to withdraw and the ship prepares to continue its journey. Captain Andrews offers the now-vacant post of ship's counselor to Ensign Lucindak.

EPISODE 3: "Shattered Wings: Part I" (27 May 2008)

View chatlogThe slipstream voyage to Andromeda seems to be off to an uneventful start. The crew begins to settle in -- Riley and Hii practice combat on the holodeck, Andrews and Wolfe have a game of springball in the gym, and Takahashi gets to know Penelope, the ship's computer. Suddenly, problems appear in the slipstream drive (apparently caused by an intelligent source outside the ship) and the Odyssey is ejected into normal space in the void between galaxies.

EPISODE 2: "A Few Good Men" (20 May 2008)

View chatlogKlingon TAC and CSEC Lt. Hii and human CAG Lt. Mathew Riley arrive on board the Odyssey, as does a team of civilian scientists led by Dr. Nicholas Swift, who seems to like Lt. Miller. Supplies are stowed aboard the Odyssey and the senior staff's briefing reveals that their mission may involve more than just exploration.

EPISODE 1: "Birth of a Titan" (6 May 2008)

View chatlogThe USS Odyssey is launched from Utopia Planitia with all appropriate pomp and circumstance and sets course for the Andromeda Fleet's official launch-off point at Deep Space 9. En route, they encounter a subspace distortion and the ship and crew get their first test trying to save a trapped freighter.