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Star Trek: Andromeda | Text-Based Role-playing in the 25th Century

Welcome to Star Trek: Andromeda, a real-time text-based Star Trek roleplay community. Join the crew of a Federation exploratory fleet at the turn of the 25th century as they set out across the gulf of space into the true unknown, and along the way be a part of the creation of worlds, civilizations, and unique, powerful characters in the heart of a galaxy full of adventures.

In the aftermath of the Dominion War, the United Federation of Planets and Starfleet sought a return to the ideals upon which they were founded -- exploration and peaceful diplomacy and understanding. It was with this in mind that they turned to the quantum slipstream drive brought back from the Delta Quadrant by the USS Voyager in 2378. The Federation's greatest minds were put to work in unraveling this alien technology with the hope of harnessing its extraordinary power in their own ships to explore areas of space that had forever been beyond their reach.

At the turn of the 25th century, the Andromeda Task Force, a small group of starships carrying the best and brightest commanders, tacticians, engineers, and scientific minds that the Fleet has to offer, first broached the new galaxy's borders. Their flagship is the USS Odyssey, Venture-class, a powerful new exploratory cruiser. Her crew's explorations reveal forces at work far greater than themselves -- political conflict, advanced technology, and clues, in the remains of a powerful extinct race, to the origins of life in their own Milky Way. Alternatingly viewed as welcome visitors and hostile interlopers, with their diplomatic ties shaky and their goals varied, the crew of the Odyssey must learn everything they can about this utterly alien environment far from the support of the Federation, where intrigue, scientific discovery, and violent conflict are all just part of the job.

Join in the discovery. Members of Star Trek: Andromeda have the opportunity to submit their own ideas for races, planets, people, and technologies and be a part of the creation of a whole new chapter in Starfleet history.


Episode 267: "Heaven's Conduit: Part I"
(29 April 2014)

While a few members of the Odyssey away team investigate restoring power to the conduit control hub on the Jovian retreat station, others delve deeper into the station and find a vast quantity of Jovians attending some sort of mass devotional ceremony...and a cargo bay full of explosives with a countdown.


18 March, 2014:
Ma'oa Kii was promoted to Lieutenant (SG).

11 February, 2014:
Vartha Higara received the FSF Good Conduct Medal (Silver).

10 December, 2013:
Faolin O'Callaghan received the FSF Meritorious Service Medal (Bronze).

10 December, 2013:
John Sullivan received the FSF Meritorious Service Medal (Bronze).

12 November, 2013:
William Hayes received the FSF Jamaica Medal for Stamina.

Congratulations to our members!